WIW 8 Brookvale Road, Donnybrook, Dublin 4

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Ok so this is a nice refurbishment although some might say that the character of the property is gone. The view in the last two pictures is not edifying. If I am correct it is not the Donnybrook Bus Garage but something else? I am not sure I would pay €450,000 for this view. Pinsters views please?!

Half a bar for 650 sq ft? Nuts.

Is the shower in the kitchen?

It brings to mind the episode of Gavin and Stacey where they go flat hunting in a desperate Attempt to move out of his parents’ place and a creepy estate agent shows them a grotty flat which boasts a kitchen/ bathroom

Fully glass shower that you can see from the kitchen :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Don’t like the refurb at all tbh.

I think its the scout hall in to the right off Brookvale Road

I quite like the interior. But still, massive WTF.

Ah once it steams up you’ll barely be able to see anything. Sure who’s going to be looking at you anyway. Get in there and make sure ye do behind your ears. I’ll be watchin.

It’s hard to believe someone calling themselves an architect actually designed that-for a start I’m sure it would be illegal in a new build. At the very least it makes the house unsuitable for anything other than a single person because even the strongest relationship in the world wouldn’t be able to withstand the sight of your partner lathering up their arse and the scent of Pantene wafting through the kitchen as you drink your morning coffee. Apart from the eugh factor, there’s the practical considerations like having to walk through the whole house dripping wet to get to your bedroom. This is probably 50% overvalued given that you’d need to spend another 50K decommissioning that abomination and getting an alternative put in upstairs as well as the asking price being nutso.

A single person, with a cat who can keep its mouth shut.

I think (not sure) it’s only a room containing a toilet that needs to be separated from the kitchen by a door. So according to the plans this is clearly totally fine.

We’re all concentrating on how the showerer can be seen from the kitchen. But you can actually be seen from the living room too. Isn’t that neat?

Standard relaxed a couple of years ago - now it perfectly fine to have a toilet off a kitchen.

You sure about that? My office recently had to renovate due to having a jacks off a kitchen.

Maybe Bank of Ireland went to a wild party there.

All would say the character of the property is gone since all it’s character building aspects have been ripped out. Whether or not you like the kind of character the house had is another thing.

I’m not sure how anyone could call this a ‘nice’ refurbishment when it’s gotten itself an E BER rating. ‘Criminal’ would be a better adjective.

To me, this is post-modern architecture where anything you like can be labelled good architecture if only you, yourself declare it to be. Against any other measure it’s an utter failure.

The only positive I can think of is that no one is being forced to buy it. But with there being no accounting for tastes … who knows.

I wonder if the shower has replaced a bathroom that had been added by previous renovators. I’ve seen a good number of refurbishments around Dublin where a bathroom was added after the kitchen, using up part (or all) of the yard and subsuming the original outdoor toilet.

Relaxation applies to dwellings only.

Ok that makes sense (that it only applies to dwellings). relaxation makes no sense - who wants to listen to your partners/guests bowel movements while having dinner.

OP here. I did mean to include something about the BER rating. It is not the first time a total refurbishment neglected to address the energy rating. I remember a similar one in Windy Arbor some months ago.

I wonder if the architect being French Moroccan can explain some of the more unusual choices or maybe not? Maybe I cannot see it on the pictures but the decked area leading from the bedroom does not have any rails/safety feature? This could also be a security issue.

Not to say a planning one. I’d question whether the planners would permit an extension taking up the whole garden. Or a roof garden.

Looking at the satellite view, it’s not the only one. Maybe two houses on that stretch have any garden left…

You have to leave 25m^2 of open space to be exempt, and I don’t see planning permission for it.