WIW 8 Casimir Avenue, Harold's Cross, Dublin 6W

Been lurking around these parts for quite some time and finally seen something that I like the look of.

Although I’m not sure that I like the look of the price just yet. Any thoughts on what it might be worth?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/1370787

Nice house, nice area but no garden. Price is still crazy.

no off street parking, no garden and its harolds cross.

300/350 K

i’d say more like 450k …

Quite like the look of the house but for the Harolds X I would say you would really need a price that clearly differentiates it from Rathgar/Ranelagh and the better streets in Rathmines. At 600k I’m not seeing a big enough differential to entice me to 6W. The old saying that yr better off with the worst house in the best road than the best house in a ‘not so good’ rd comes to mind.

As far as price… 400K maybe.

Between 420 & 450k I’d guess, would be reasonable now. Felicity Fox overprice dreadfully. It’s a nice quiet area, but parking can be an issue (quite a few houses in flats on Casimir Road; terrible damp problems but I’d assume that was resolved in the renovation). Pretty close to a number of bus routes. The area itself is short on amenities but close enough to walk to Rathmines or Terenure for dinner etc. 2013 value, I haven’t a clue.

I think about €300 per square foot, which ties in with the €420-450k valuations given by other posters here.

Quite a few nutters in flats on Casimir road as well… I used to live amongst them. Lainey’s bang on about the parking too.
If period floats your boat, and you have or are planning to have kids, this myhome.ie/1475988 would be a better buy to my eye.(Although I’d be looking to buy it for a good wedge less) Two mins up the road, quiet settled street, closer to the better schools and further away from flatland. And the price differential would mean you’d have plenty of change for the folding door’ed kitchen and Farrow & Ball colours.
Having said that, it does look a well finished house. I’d agree with Sharper that it’d go for early to mid 4’s these days.

Harold’s Cross was clearing at 300 per square foot two years ago.
I would imagine that the 2011 price per sq foot is considerably south of that figure.
The 2013 price - probably around E250,000

Two years ago Harold’s Cross was averaging 450+ a square foot and at the peak, it was 700+.

On the specifics of this house, it seems cute and well finished. As to price, it is what somebody will pay. Around 400,000 does not seem too far off what is reasonable. The Foxy Felicity’s 595,000 is bit aspirational.

Foxy is way over priced though but some of the pinsters are being unreasonable too.

I had a look at this house a couple of months ago.
Nice house, on a nice road, lots of money being spent on the house next door.
I might have been tempted if it was on the other side of the Harold’s cross road, but house too small for me, and location not ideal.
I expect to see lots of the pre 63 properties here and Dublin 6 being converted back into family homes as DCC gets its act together, still reckon will sell for 500k

Out of curiousity, I looked at the 1911 Census.
It was lived in then by Edward and Susan Dowse and their 3 children - a family of Methodists.
He was a bookkeeper in a gents outfitter, born in Dublin.

Nice house, good to see they didn’t include the attic space in the sq/m calculations, so the size seems pretty good to me. House looks well done, although I don’t like the Ikea kitchen (horses for courses, I guess!). It is down a cul-de-sac, which is a small positive.

According to the Irish Times, a property in Casimir Road sold for £410k back in 1999 - irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 00176.html

It will probably find a buyer at €500k - although I wouldn’t be paying that kind of money for a house like this.

300-350k. certainly should be below 400k.

namascama its not what you can afford to pay for it … its what its worth … why below 400k ?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/104449

speaking of which:

this is surely a new low for a large pre-63. Must be in an absolute jock.

Average dublin house price is heading south of 200k and this is no more than twice the average dublin house, given it’s drawbacks in terms of parking, garden and future upkeep.

Thanks for all the replies.

Average seems to be coming out at just north of 400k, with a range between 300 and 500.

400k would need a drop of 33% from the current asking price - which, more or less, ties in with my own thoughts that we will see a further drop of 20-30% in current asking prices to see a return to long term value.

However as to how far we might undershoot in long term values that’s another days work.

Sold for €560k on the 16/11/2011 according to register. Interesting looking at the wiw’s on the house.