WIW 8 De Courcy Square Glasnevin

Looking for 475.

Looks like a pretty superficial job.

Can’t see it getting it.

Lovely square but agreed on the superficial nature of the refurb. Not great value.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -9/2884421

I’d say it’ll get that price, or a bit more.
But then again I’m a bear!

I’d say it’ll make that and a bit more.
But then again, I’m a bear.

Link by the way?
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -9/2884421

Was there a sale on shiny laminate floors somewhere? Excuse me while I tear my eyes out. :neutral_face:

Yes, with cases of Pledge thrown in as a sweetener.

Of course, when you end up with a floor with a coefficient of friction of zero you realise that it’s very important your floors are absolutely level or else all the furniture just slides off to one side. Probably the reason the rooms are mostly shown empty.

I wonder if the fact that its in an architectural conservation area might add a little to the price.

Personally I’d pay less for all the onerous restrictions on replacing windows/doors etc.

dublincity.ie/main-menu-serv … tion-areas


Who wouldn’t pay half a mill for a bleak windowless lounge area full of the smells of your dinner. Of course you could always swivel your chair around and stare at the prison yard, sorry ‘back garden’.

I was involved in bidding on another house (asking of 375k) on this square a few months back. It went for 400k in the end and seems to have been in better nick than this one. Anyone paying anywhere near 475k for that house given how recently the other place sold for 75k less is beyond help to be honest.

And the house that sold for €400k was bought in December 2011 for €175k (requiring refurb), so debatably the €400k was poor value too, although it’s irrelevant as it’s worth as much as somebody is willing to pay for it and there may well be somebody willing to pay 500k for this despite the recent sale at 400k, and despite this being horrendous.

We viewed but did not bid on the last one on the same square, and we were told that there would be another one listing soon.
Nearly fell off the chair when we saw the asking on this.
There were 4 parties at the viewing apparently so they got what they deserved.

I know people living on this square, and at least up to last year there was a house on this square being used as a builder’s store. i.e. he held the house, and never let it or lived in it, but stored timber and tools and other building material there. It could even be that this is the house coming to market, no idea on that.

But it sort of shows some of the crazy in the market: small houses listing at 475k against a background of the same/equivalent units being used as low-level lock-up storage.

Sounds like it is the same one – there is a good bit of storage space in the shed out the back. Viewing on Saturday was very quiet but they seemingly have an offer of 440 all the same.

The interior “builder renovation job” is cheap and nasty to my taste but obviously not to everyone else. What would be a handy utility room out the back of the kitchen has been turned into a bathroom. I am not sure where the buyer is supposed to put their appliances.


That is ridiculous.

But at the same time I’m not surprised.