WIW 8 Gilford Avenue

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … nt/2069407

Asking €720k

No 6 was on the market last May for €495k

according to that topic they were asking 675k for no. 16 and it was a tip in need of bags of money.

A handful of decent enough houses have come on this week in the 600-800 bracket.

Id guess that will go fairly quickly at 750ish . Might get 800. This place will suit a range of buyers.

That’s some price increase since May 2011 €495k vs €720k (even allowing for refurb costs).

Nice refurb, but its still a small house with no garden, no possibility of extending, no off-street parking and seemingly no downstairs WC @€6300 per sq mt. Also that road is awful for parking and about 3 metres below sea level.

Beautifully renovated but 800k for no garden and 3 bedrooms, one of which looks to be pretty cramped with just a double bed in it? Really?

Unless the refurb cost €225k of course…

Not categorised as being in the right location on MyHome so potentially difficult for buyers to find.

Even Landlord would struggle to spend €181 per square foot on this refurb.

This house is only 1240 square feet.

IMO Refurb costs here were sub €100k. Most likely sub €70k as all I can see is a nice paint job, a new kitchen and maybe a new bathroom.

don’t forget the 10k blinds :open_mouth:
Why would you spend so much just to sell a year later?
I know these houses well. They were always very expensive. They are attractive houses but the reception rooms are very small. Coupled with the lack of parking and decent garden I think it’s overpriced.

now “only” 675k

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/2069407

Has the layout of this changed at all in the refurb? Some interesting ideas for the place I am currently living in.

the beams in the kitchen are nice and all, but wouldn’t it make sense to insulate this?

From pic 12 there seems to be a bedroom and bathroom above the kitchen. Only really insulate external areas, roofs and walls, generally nobody insulates internal walls are ceilings. From the pics it looks like they have done a very nice job in the refurb.

I know there’s something above and traditionally people didn’t insulate internal areas but I would have thought it would be best practice to insulate everything; if the bedroom above is unused -i.e. cold and you spend a lot of time in the kitchen you’re losing heat.

It is a nice job generally though, that’s why I’m surprised