WIW 8 Maretimo gardens blackrock

myhome.ie/residential/broch … in/4285870

when i saw it first i was sure it was overpriced, now im not so sure, and if i had the money and was in the market id take a proper look at it,

pretty big site and wonderful views.

Pricey, but not madly overpriced in my opinion given the condition, the site, and the location. I’d be interested too if I was in the market.

The freaking garden goes over the DART line to the coast - a unique selling point

One of the finest locations in Dublin. Can’t beat that view. The DART on your doorstep, Blackrock for shopping, Dun Laoghaire for sailing . Ideal for the top earners in UCD, RTE, the Blackrock Clinic.

My only gripe is the open plan kitchen in the beautiful garden room. In a small apartment, this is a rational compromise but, with over 200 sq. m. , couldn’t the architects find a better place? If you can afford this beauty, do you really want to look at dirty dishes and smell last night’s lasagna?

This is Dublin 2018 so of course it’s overpriced. While you’re waiting for the next crash, I doubt you could find a comparable home for less in a first-class location.

Compare it to this, for almost the same price. Terraced, 50 sq. m. less, no view, “courtyard garden” :confused:
myhome.ie/residential/broch … -4/4258088

I have to say that donnybrook house struck me as terrible value when I saw it first , surely it won’t make 1.5m?!?!

The interior is :sick:

Bidding is now up to e1.65 on this property . Wonder where it will stop . Show stopping view for sure . House footprint ? Thoughts ?

One not insignificant problem. It’s beside the sea. And there’s an awful lot of stuff being written about the future of the planet in relation to the sea. In timescales that are less than “forever home” territory

It’s tens of feet above the sea. The DART line and a huge chunk of Dublin bay – including Sandymount, Ringsend and Clontarf – will go before this one does.

I wouldn’t be restricting my view to a model in which water level gently inches up year by year. Nor is it the disappearance of the property altogether which drives careful consideration.

This property’s close proximity to the sea, in an environment where storms can be expected to drive the sea into giving the coast a lashing, are causes for concern.

What would happen to value if the general environment of near-sea living is rendered unattractive on account of a New World Order? Let’s suppose that over the course of a few years we do get catastrophic flood events around the areas you mention above? Will people be comforted by these 10’s of feet or will they literally begin to head for the hills? It will be the attitude of the masses which drives market worth.

Let’s say the sea casts rocks through the front window of the above property during a winter storm* and that event appears in papers? What happens to value then?

*I’ve seen boulders that two men couldn’t lift cast 100 metres inland by a winter sea (in one case demolishing the wall of a derelict cottage and killing a group of sheep who had taken shelter behind it).

In going coastal, you’re basically taking a punt on a product whose value could be undercut in a heartbeat. Every day we read about the advancing problem worldwide. We shouldn’t, I think, suppose ourselves safe just because the problem hasn’t landed a direct hit on us, yet. The omens are there and the sea, above all things, is something that isn’t to be messed with.

Yet it seems as if the coast is being priced as if such problems weren’t looming large.


For the sake of posterity, the opening line of the myhome ad. I suspect we’ll see sea-proximity dealt with in more couched, reassuring terms in the future.

“Savills is excited to present 8 Maretimo Gardens to the market, a terrific family home with the most incredible sea views”

Then you become society’s “most vulnerable” and whip out the compo form. This is Ireland! :smiley:

Bidding went well beyond 1.65 - this place has just appeared on the PPR at 1.915 Million Euro. I think you have to go back to 2016 to find any house in Dublin that exceeded its original asking by 30%.

That’s two million Euro after you’ve tipped the removal people. I estimate location added close to a million to the price here.


Interesting, ta. It did look surprisingly reasonably priced at the asking.

wow thats quite a price, its literally for the location as they are very ordinary houses, but stunning views and very central