WIW - 81b Grosvenor Lane, Rathminse €725k

New build in Rathmines.
3 bed, 2/3 level mews

List price €725,000
€5,105 /sqm, €474 /sqft

Estate Agent’s language is fairly flowery!

Built sometime after March 2015.
DCC Planning Application number 3875/14

There was a more interesting application in 2011 [number 3774/11] which included a basement utility room and a galley style kitchen. I think this was by far a more adventurous and “better” proposal. However, it might have been pricier.

The protected structure [the original mews] looks like it was a dump [based on google streetview] and I think it’s mainly driven by it being on the grounds of 81 Leinster Road. Essentially it was a run down crappy mews on a narrow lane.

The site, 81 Grosvenor Lane, was sold in 2011 for €203k. If the Developer (Van Den Bergh) sold the 2 units for €1.4mm I would imagine he’s making a tidy sum.

Thoughts on 81b:
1 car parking space (I like the way the estate agent has demonstrated how a car parking space works with a nice red Porsche).
No utility room (washing machine goes on 1st floor hallway - plenty of room for it in the cupboards there but no room to store dirty sports gear or seasonal supplies out of the way).
Kitchen has nice fittings but, why oh why don’t they run presses all the way up to the ceiling and why don’t they install a 2nd sink? Personal bug bear of mine.
There is ample use of glass with full folding doors to rear garden and inner courtyard which seems to provide lots of natural light.
Rear garden has astro turf so low maintenance.
Underfloor heating - positive.

Overall, my main concerns would be storage & price - no utility room, top floor bedroom is not large. Wasted space in hallways and the little nook exiting to the top floor terrace. For 725k you’d like to have some room for kids which this home doesn’t really provide. It’s very much for youngsters doing well for themselves who can use a bedroom as a storage room…or for students.

I viewed this property and agree with your thoughts on it. There are no wardrobes in the bedrooms at the moment which also makes the size somewhat deceptive. There was plenty of interest at the viewing on Saturday. It is an impressive house but there are a few practical considerations needed

€30k price drop to €695k


I’ve a mate with a Porsche. Must remember to borrow it for the photoshoot (pic 14)

Ah, that’s not just any Porsche though. 993 is the dream… want.

Serious question. Why does a new build have such elaborate finishes?

Would it not make sense to leave it somewhat bare and let the buyer finish to her own taste?

Anyone with this purchase will be coming at it with minimum 40% deposit anyway so cash unlikely to be a problem.

What constitutes elaborate finishes?

In terms of furnishings, the house is just staged and in general people prefer to see furnished spaces as most people tend to have no imagination.

If you mean why do they finish it at all, rather than leaving it a bare shell for the purchasers to fit out with their preferred kitchens, bathrooms, etc. then the above applies again - people have no imagination, and some people don’t want the hassle of it and want something that is a finished product.

Yes, that is what I mean. I think you’ve answered my question though.

Also, banks might potentially be a bit funny about giving residential mortgages on thinks that don’t even have the semblance of a kitchen and bathroom, I would have thought?

In Poland new build apartments are sold as a shell. Even the front door is an optional extra :slight_smile: