WIW 82 Ceannt Fort , Mount Brown €125K?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … own/420015

The asking price for this house has been steadily falling - now 125k. It needs a lot of work, doesn’t seem to have parking. Mount Brown is not the best area but close to town and not uninteresting. Does you think this is approaching value or could it go sub 100k?

I used to live on the other side of St. James’ - it’s not too bad a neighbourhood, but there are very few amenities, and that whole area has combined industrial/residential zoning ie. it’s pretty grim. So if you don’t mind bringing your groceries home from work (if you have that option) or living on takeaways, or having to drive to do the groceries, or nowhere to go out and eat, and you don’t mind the grim view with traffic streaming by into the city and out again every day, you’re laughing!

That said, like you say, it is close to town, and the Luas. You’ll never be stranded in the city, and you’re right next to James’ so letting would be good for staff doing their tour of duty.

As for price, I do think it could go under E100k.