WIW 820 Howth Road, Raheny

A bit of a stretch to call this location Raheny?

Still, fine big house with direct sea views.

Receiver-instructed sale.

Asking €575k

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -5/2184964

An Post has it as Raheny. :slight_smile:

Lifer we seem to be fishing in the same ponds :slight_smile:

Worth 575 in my humble opinion.

I’d go halves with you Cynic.

Reasonable-ish price, but would require a significant refurb / modernisation by the looks of it. Also, not an ideal location in terms of convenience to shops / schools / village etc.

Do you think it will achieve 575? Compared to other Howth Road houses recently sold it is fair price. Not sure about the vacant site next door.

I’m wondering is it on sub-600k to generate interest …

Not sure Cynic.

I personally amn’t mad on the location, despite sea views. I think the stretch of Howth Road between Raheny Village and the Coast is more desirable and is walking distance to virtually everything you need.

I wouldn’t really call 820 “Howth Road” to be honest. Still, it’s a fine big house with good potential. I’d knock that conservatory for a kick off.

I think there were previously plans to knock this house (and the house next door), and build apartments. Was rejected ultimately. See Google!

Hadn’t realised house next door was vacant / derelict. Definitely a negative.

Will view I think, but really not sure at all. In answer to your question - no, I would be surprised if it went above asking, albeit any decent house in the area seems to be going that way.

Isn’t the site next to it for sale as well?

Iirc there was a small detached red brick bungalow that was demolished and the developer was trying to get planning permission to put up apartments. Looks like that plan has been shelved.

I wouldn’t buy No. 820 until I know exactly what’s going to be build next door. I wouldn’t want a big block of apartments going up beside me.

I think it was nearer the “S” bend that they tried to build apartments on the site of 3 houses together.

I’m not sure apartments would sell well as they still have left Sheiling Square unoccupied. I wonder is this a NAMA property?

Completely agree FoxyRoxy.

I viewed this property earlier in the week. In fairness, it has unbelievable potential - you could do alot to it. But how anybody would buy it whilst there is no clarity on the adjoining site is beyond me.

Sale Agreed - anyone hear price?