WIW- 88 pecks lane castleknock


Nice area I’m told,Going to view it in few days time so should have better idea, very interested in your opinions in the asking price? What would you consider would be a fair price for this please. :smiley:


going with gut feeling here…

this is an ordinary house in an ordinary or maybe slighty above ordinary neighbourhood ( this isn’t even as close to the train as some in this area ) - I think houses like this will get to 130 (median Irish house price ) +30k for Dublin +20k for Castleknock = 180 by the time this has all panned out - might even overshoot this drop for a bit.

I lived in Laurel lodge ( right at Castleknock station) for 3 years, I dont miss it one bit, there are much nicer places in Dublin to live imo.
as I said - gut feeling, based on nout.

back up at 360k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 15/2461918

will most likely get over 330 based on sales in the area.

It will likely go for higher than 360k,the reason is simple enough,its in Castleknock.

The slight downside is its proximity to the Navan road,though a lot of Castleknock is built right up to either the M50 or the Navan road, having been in a houses similarly close to these roads,noise is surprisingly not a factor.

The upside though is your are within a few mins drive to either.

Castlknock village doesn’t really have a lot in it,a few overpriced restaurants,cobbler,Myos pub,off licence,etc though this area has some of the best schools in the City and the Phoenix park on your doorstep.

Open viewing today, interesting to see if a ‘Castleknock’ property will generate the same amount of viewers as the properties in south side have of late…

Are you going along?Interesting to see how many turn up.

Was talking to an E/a 6 months ago who told me he had just finished an open viewing where 34 “sets” of people turned up however a property close to ours was for sale recently and at an open viewing I only saw 10 “sets” on a Saturday morning,needless to sat the E/a turned up 10 mins late and breathless in an Audi convertible.

I suspect she was parked up round the corner,the whole mad dash up the drive clutching the keys with sunglasses akimbo on her beautifully coiffed hair seemed somehow contrived.

Treat em mean keeps em keen.

In a brief moment of madness I was about to ask if it was a certain SF agent who is annoyingly late all the time, until I came to my senses and remembered the unwritten rule that every EA must drive an audi convertible or Audi TT coupé. Silly me.

Correct on both fronts.Car was a TT and SFitz were handling the sale. :slight_smile:

Utter madness at this viewing today!
Cars parked everywhere. When we arrived, there were about 20 other couples in the house. Some with children. Couldn’t get near the EA to enquire about offers etc.
House in poor condition. Old windows/doors. Kitchen extremely narrow.
Needs a good bit of work and money to make it a family home.
But judging by the interest it will probably sell for asking or above.
Madness :wink:

SF had a busy day in Castleknock - Pecks Lane and Phoenix Court just around the corner and 23 Old Navan Road across the M50. All closely priced but ONR is the odd one out as the others are inside the M50 and similar. (23ONR barely squeaks into a Castleknock address but is close to station. Big house on a big site. Needs a lot of work but still a very large number at the viewing).

Seems to be more buyers than sellers in Castleknock so these should sell, even if the prices are higher than what you’d pay a mile further or a mile closer to the city.

Kinda figured that.Given where we are and…fill in the blanks,I find that slightly depressing.

We are back in 2004 but with the benefit of hindsight (which we will contently and studiously ignore)

Hmmm. There’s been houses in this area available at or within 10% of these prices for about 2 years. Suspicious that they would suddenly generate a buzz

Supply and demand in this area will mean houses as poor as this will go for asking or silly prices. It is like 2004 again :confused:

I agree with all the above. I feel now I have missed the boat for this area. A house on Auburn Drive went for €437k (asking 400) a few weeks ago. 88 Pecks Lane at over €355 now. Phoenix Court closed at over €375k (asking 360).

No hope of buying in this area now. Can’t see anymore drops.

Offer of 353 k at present

Went to see this and the Phoenix court house. I thought I had heard wrong when agent said there was already an offer of 355 on pecks lane.

Only 20k price difference between pecks lane and Phoenix court yet pecks lane needs a complete refurb. At least the phoenix court house needs very little done to it and I still think its overpriced

Complete madness IMO, glad I’m not too pushed on castlenock

I agree it’s madness,but once people are willing to pay big money for these poor houses,prices will continue to rise.
Again supply and demand impacting in this area.
Castleknock overrated, village lacking a lot of facilities. Half of ‘Castleknock’ is actually Blanchardstown. Granted the proximity to the park is a plus.

I thought people were supposed to be broke and no one can get a mortgage. Doesn’t look like it to me.

True if you work/owrked in construction or retail.

However not so true for the other sectors of the economy.