WIW - 9 Eglinton Road, Bray 695,000

I was wondering if this would be a good buy at a slightly lower price? myhome.ie/2827930

It seems in a nice location, close to all amenities. I noticed that it does not have off-street parking though and it has planning application up to convert it from commercial to residential.

Also on the negative side for me would be the rear garden, it is all in concrete and behind the walls is a huge public car park where the Florentine Centre should (will?) have been built.

At the moment the asking price is 695,000 but I noticed from the images and the description that the period features (ceilings) have been replaced with wooden structures. Also the kicthen and bathroom looks too modern for my tastes (I am more into the traditional period home features) but that depends on individual tastes.

It’s a very commercial street. But the main issue is…

Will, presumably in due course. The Florentine site comes right up the rear garden wall of this house so God only knows what you’ll be facing into come the time. That Westerly-ish rear aspect (albeit heavily curtailed by trees) could disappear altogether.


You’d have to pour a pile of money into it if you wanted to make it comfortable. How on earth do you heat a G/F rated (and no doubt listed, meaning your insulation options are limited, let alone expensive) building like this?

You’d need to be thinking of splitting it up and renting the ground floor as an apartment or business unit of some description if you really were on for buying it. Methinks

Absolutely, the Florentine Centre would be very good for Bray but not for the houses on Eglinton. I saw that the first three houses on Eglinton may be reached by access from the Florence Road if, and that’s a big if, that access can be bought from the Council. I think that the houses on the Florence withh this access possibility belong to the Council. It would have to be a combined approach by the first three Eglinton houses to the Council and thay may then be able to add some vehicular access to the back of Eglinton. I think it stops at no. 4 as most of their rear garden has become part of the Florentine car park.

As for heating, yes, I can see what you mean but having grown up in period homes we are quite used to putting on more clothes rather than heating every room. We would be looking to retain as many features as possible and a G rating wouldn’t deter us. Having said that Eglinton is not the family home we would be looking for due to the garden and car parking problems as well as the high asking price.

Having spent my early rental accomodation years in period homes in the three R’s, a slab of at least 60mm PIR between me and the outside walls is a prequisite. I remember the 2 bar heater gobbling up the 10p pieces in winter (and having to decide on heat vs. 10 Rothmans) with a shiver.

Dunno what it is about Bray but they seem to have taken a shotgun approach to listing houses. Nigh on everything anywhere near the centre of the town is listed

I’d certainly look to retaining features but an ice box isn’t one of them.

Yes, noticed that alright. Although it seems that a lot of properties have gotten away with installing uPVC windows (even very recently) for example. I saw some properties with changes that would led me to believe that planning permission wasn’t high on the list of priorities.

I can understand that. In our case we are now just up for anything with a relatively reasonable price and good size as long as it has age and no serious structural problems.

Yes, and thanks that everyone has different priorities/tastes I’d say. Otherwise, it would be quite boring.

I can certainly understand that, and would think so too if I was into modern homes. I think for me it is just going back to childhood memories, recreating something of that for my family. To us it was magic growing up in an old home. :slight_smile:

While I love red brick period houses, I’d not freeze in one to live in it.

I’d find the workings of a solar panel as beautiful as fancy coving. Or a nicely done stove as appealing as any original fireplace.

I wouldn’t pay much attention to listed status myself - certainly not if the house in question wouldn’t be listed in many other parts of Dublin. Enforcement around Bray is, I suspect, nigh on zero - so long as you don’t take the mick and decide to nail external insulation onto the outside of a terrace of redbricks…

Agree, a nice stove would also be OK for me but solar panels, well only if you can’t really see them.

Yes, if it is sympathetically done, I have no problems with it. There should be something though to provide a bit of a project, not too much but something that can be done to put your own stamp on it as well (inside). I think there was a nice house on Sidmonton earlier but it was taken off the market and put up for rent but then went sale agreed suddenly: myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ow/2899339

It is very nice but way out of our price range (asking 995,000) and beautifully maintained but it would lack the potential for a project as everything has been done and seems in perfect order.

9 Eglinton Road has now gone sale agreed according to myhome: myhome.ie/residential/brochure/9-eglinton-road-bray-co-wicklow/2827930

As someone who has been in thousands of properties throughout the years, get the BER up to at least a C rating.
You won’t get the investment back (in terms of money), but you’ll feel it the moment you open the door.
Over the long term, it’s well worth it.

Oh I absolutely agree. What I meant was that it wouldn’t deter me buying a house with a poor rating but we would carry out work to improve it as long as it is done sympathetically with the period of the house.

So nailing on 4" of external insulation and triple glazed sash-effect pvc windows aren’t in your suite of considerations?


I’d rather XX myself. :laughing:

This one went sale agreed last year before Christmas but is now back on the market at 630K so either the sale fell through (as I can’t see it on the register) or the new owner has fallen out of love with it (I heard it went sale agreed at around 620ishK) and wants to get rid of it:


Last year listed with Sherry Fitz when it went sale agreed and is now listed with Castle.

Edit: To add they are now advertising it with “Parking” under facilities and even “The front garden has been landscaped and is bounded by railings with off street parking available.” This is clearly wrong unless something has drastically changed since yesterday morning!

Since today Downey also have it on their books but for 620K: myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ow/3075483

Getting a bit ridiculous now. It’s also on with HJ Byrne at 619K since today: myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ow/3082621

Downey have now changed their asking price for it to 630K.

So at the moment we have three EA’s for the same property with the current asking prices:

Castle: 630K
Downey: 630K (yesterday was 620K)
HJ Byrne: 619K

What is happening here? Any idea? Or is it just a very eager seller?