WIW 9 Granite Terrace, Dublin 8

Hello all, my first post but have been lurking a few months and thanks a million for all the great info I’ve been getting from the pin

I’d really appreciate any thoughts ye might have on this house, and the area generally. I need to be within walking/cycling distance of Smithfield and partner needs easy access to Tallaght and this would also give us the option of the Luas (apparently a 10 minute walk). House looks like it needs a fair bit of updating! Have had a walk around it and liked it, especially the garden. No kids so schools etc not an issue. Have been looking in the NCR/Stonybatter/Blackhorse Ave and now taking the plunge to cross the river… Currently living in Phibsboro so not expecting a leafy suburb!


Any input would be greatly appreciated!

It doesn’t look like a particularly good price in comparison to others dotted close by on the map in myhome.ie. But I love the garden and would personally pay a huge premium to have a garden like that if I was living in the city centre - west-southwest facing too! However, on a satellite view I spotted cars parked in some of the nearby backgardens and on closer inspection saw that there a lane between the rear of the house and the back garden… funny kind of setup. I wouldn’t like the idea of that. Vans driving up and down while you’re trying to have a barbecue or enjoy the papers?

The house has character, but beware: it looks like you’re going to need to spend some money on improvements; only close inspection could tell you what’s the minimum requirement. I would advise you not to be blinded by optimism or the charms of the house, and not to just guess at what needs doing, but to get a good surveyor to give the place a thorough inspection.

Normally I’d waffle on for ages about whether the area might be a bit dodgy (I’m obliged to as I come from SCD) but I won’t because that’s presumably not an issue for you given that you’ve already been searching in the likes of Stoneybatter.


Have a look at this thread on St Patricks Terrace, up the road from Granite Terrace.
These are all in “the works” which is a very interesting area, an oasis within Inchicore.

Thanks for the replies! We spoke to the owner of the house to the left who’s lived there for 9 years and she says its been a nice place to live and I have heard that “the Works” is a little oasis in Inchicore! The situation with the lane at the back is that the houses open directly onto the laneway and the gardens are at the other side of the lane. However, the lane is a cul de sac about 10 houses long and the occupiers have garden furniture etc in it. I would not be thinking of putting in an offer anywhere near the asking price given that it needs, heating and redecoration at the very least and of course would make sure to get a very thorough survey done. No pictures of the bathrooms/bedrooms leave me to think the worst!

Would be interested if anyone knew how long its been on the market!

Thanks a mill!

it’s been on the market since March 2010. started at 410k. All info here

irishpropertywatch.com/sales … Co.+Dublin

Hey, thanks for that caz, almost two years on the market!!!

now €220k

The first (last?) house on the road is up too. Looks like they’ve done a good job with it.
The kitchen looks great and there’s still a nice long garden.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ks/1928306