WIW - 9 Newtownsmith, Sandycove

Asking €1.395m for 3,350 sq ft of space with sea views. Parking is an issue and the front door is a few feet away from a brisk enough road.

m.myhome.ie/residential/brochur … in/3988806

Looks to have had a full refurb in 2001.

could do with another refurb me thinks, lovely location, but i cant see 1.4m in it personally

EA photos are absolutely criminal at that price. You can’t even see the sea in the most important ones!

Example - EA photo:

Difference after 30 seconds work:

Its a sellers market dont you know EAs dont do “work” :smiley:

Seriously though I totally agree, anyone any idea what Hunters fees are? Yhey seem to deal a lot in the higher end hand out branded chocolates at viewings, do glossy brochures you would think they would nail the photos.