WIW 9 Upper Prince Edwards Terrace, Blackrock, Co Dublin

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/434398

Any thoughts on this one folks? Would be buying with a view to converting it back to a single residence

IIRC this was for sale thorough SherryFitz before - Nice photos and floor plan - place itself looks a mess now - as does the new ad.

Distressed vendor??

[edit] there was some confusion about this but there were both for sale


I believe this is a receiver sale

As an indication, 4 Price Edward Terrace sold for 785k in auction about 18mths ago.
It was 4,000 sq ft, in really bad shape and had a sitting tenant in the basement.
House has been renovated and it looks like they did a great job on it. It had a 200 ft long garden and garage that is rented out.

Anyway, I think this house would need a fair bit of money put into it to reconfigure it, plus the garden is not great. Would you get parking to the front?

I’d say it goes for around 700k

There’s another one along there for sale too: myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1472780

I live around the corner from that house and it looks to me to be a terrible candidate to create a single residence - mainly because no matter how much you sink into it you have no garden whatsoever for your money.

Even if you ripped up the tarmac out the back and lawned it you’ll get bugger all sun there (tall house=big shadow). Other houses on Prince Edwards Terrace can get away with it because they have looong gardens. You’d also need to put a driveway in which would mean losing the only sunny bit of grass out front.

The house is also beside a laneway heading down to Brookfield which is not a nice part of Blackrock.

‘End-of terrace Georgian period property, converted into four apartments c. 2002.’

Someone purposely spent money converting these into apartments.
This will be reflected in the price.
You will then pay that premium … only to rip it out and start again.
Strikes me as a waste of money on your behalf.

I’d wait until a house comes up in rag order that you can buy at the appropriate discount to a similarly rerfurbished property.

This has all the disadvantages pointed out by other posters BUT I wouldn’t completely write it off. Issues such as reestablishing the garden from tarmac to lawn, etc, are easily addressed in the build job. Your light in the garden would come laterally across the garden from the south and would be further improved if you could remove the tree(s) that appear in the Google satellite image (not sure if those trees are within the boundary of the property. Brookfield Terrace is admittedly a little unsavoury but Carysfort Avenue is not and I’m sure they won’t be laying siege to your back wall 24 hours a day.

You might be pleasantly surprised at the cost of remodelling and renovating, and could have an enviable pad at the end of that process. I recently had a renovation job priced and it seemed reasonable enough.

Until you get an architect in to estimate the cost of the job and tell you what’s feasible, any attempt to answer the question of WIW as a single residence can’t be adequately answered - I’m simply proposing that it may be worth further investigation and shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand because of its current condition.

It’s been on the market for quite a while and is unlikely to go anywhere at the current ask. Go in with a low offer (e.g. -30 or 40%) and watch their reactions closely.

Now €820k:


Thanks for the tip off - will definitely investigate further

Almost, and I say almost with a pinch of salt, that if you have access to the capital it could be a runner - 50k tidy up. Rent 3 - keep one for yourself.

Just goes to show the stress out their - that looks like it was redeveloped in the last 6 years.