WIW- 9 Willsbrook avenue Lucan http://www.adverts.ie/568164


Honest opinions please? Also anybody live nearby that could advise on transport links please, one of us to travel city centre daily on Dublin bus during rush hour and my spouse would need to get on to the m50 to travel southbound during Rushhour, thanks :slight_smile:)

V close to N4, so constant traffic noise. When I lived in Lucan, you could often not get on bus at that stop as bus will be full as it has comes from Superquinn and done the loop around Lucan. Close to M50, usually fine to get onto it then its pot luck how fast you travel southbound.

Southbound depends where your going its always slow after Firhouse till Ballinteer and then getting off and Sandyford! Traffic around Lucan can be pretty bad… have a few friends that live there and said the traffic takes ages to get through - probably because there are so many new developments and the roads haven’t changed all that much to cope with the extra cars!

Thanks for the replies folks:)), my real concern is the commute daily in to the IFSC , would need to be in for 9am mon to Friday, so you think it’s not possible to get on a bus easily enough? I don’t mind standing once I actually get on the bus, secondly, how long would the bus take? Also, anybody know about crèche facilities nearby? And of course, back to original question… WIW? , sorry for all the questions folks but we have been looking quite a while and so far this one would appear the most suitable?.. Just Need to arrange a viewing now!! :slight_smile:)

Nice house and nice estate.

The nearest bus stop to the house is on the Ballyowen road opposite the Hermitage Estate-it is ALWAYS busy. I don;t know whether you’d always get a place on the bus at that point. (I’ve never actually gotten a bus at that stop or in peak times)
However the every next bus stop (an extra 5 min walk) is opposite Woodies and is served by many more buses (25/66/67). Again i don’t actually know how busy they are in the mornings.
There are two thing that puts me off that estate is the fact that its at least a 15 minute walk to a shop if you ever need to pop out to get a loaf of bread/litre of milk.
Also, its in St Marys parish so you have a good 20/25 minute walk to the school and prob the same driving as its very busy in the village in the mornings.

Have you seen either of these ones

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … an/1735890

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … st/1282452

No 14 has been on the market a while and had 4 price reductions in the last 6 months. I can’t understand how it hasn’t sold (location doesn;t suit me) but seemd like v good value

Thanks for all your advice re buses, but can I ask in your honest opinion of prices prices at present WIW ? I was thinking around €235k based in other properties I have viewed/seen on line in the area… Agree?/disagree? :slight_smile:)

235? No way Jose, No way

Just did a quick search on myhome. There are 20 4 beds in Lucan asking for under 250k and 7 asking for under 200k, 1 as low as 150k. So IMHO nothing special about this place, at all.