WIW 90 ST Jarlath Road, Cabra, Dublin 7

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -7/2718106

Offer of…192k…no really…apparently…madness

That is pure madness, especially given that the house is a tiny 55sqm.

This one up the road is asking €179k, even that is high IMO but at least it has 72sqm which is a good deal more space than the one nodded to €192k. It’s also in a lot better decorative state and while the garden is just stones it is a half decent size nonetheless.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -7/2716604

Those figures surprise me. I didn’t think there would be much upward movement on these type of houses until there was more of a perceived “ladder” in the market again.

The second property, while it is “up the road” in map terms, I think the location is much less desirable (to stretch the word to its limits). It may sound crazy but I live around here and in my view, once you pass the roundabout on Fassaugh/Quarry Road, things get grimmer, and quick.