WIW 90 vs. 92 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, D4

92 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
€1,195,000 - 6 Bed Semi-Detached House 264.8 m² / 2850 ft² For Sale

92 Merrion Road has posted a price drop from 1.35m to 1.195m

An interesting situation this, almost laboratory conditions as two neighbouring houses come for sale over two years apart.

90 Merrion Road Ballsbridge (it’s semi-d neighbour on left in picture above, post its re-fit), came to the market in April 2013 via DNG.
There was some confusion re asking for 90 Merrion Road, but DNG eventually set it at 1.1m
90 Merrion Road appeared on the Property Price Register two month later for 1.3m
Date of Sale: 07/06/2013
Price: €1,300,000.00

While neighbouring 90 Merrion Road was in slightly better shape than 92 Merrion Road in April 2013, it was also a major re-fit job (mould in bedrooms + tiny old kitchen etc.). You could have just about lived in 90 Merrion Road if you had to. Otherwise the two houses are pretty identical in structure, site size and back garden. (There still is a picture of 90 Merrion Road pre re-fit in April 2013 on myhome.ie, and its looks pretty similar to 92 Merrion Road today).

The new owners of 90 Merrion Road have done a very nice re-fit including a major extension in the back (which it needed).
In the photo below taken from the two back gardens, 90 Merrion Road is on the right in its newly re-furbed state.

More than two years on, not a whole lot has changed pricing wise for 90 & 92 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, D4
(now you will never see an Irish Times or Irish Independent article on that - pure heresy !)

PS - I wonder if this is why 76 Merrion Road (few doors down), closed out recently.
92 Merrion Road has an almost identical length + width of back garden as 76 Merrion Road.
76 Merrion Road has a prettier front (in my view), but is spread over 4 floors (vs. 92 Merrion Road is over 3 floors).
76 Merrion Road has been re-fitted, but it is not an expensive re-fit (despite the Irish Time’s “bubble speak” article re 1m re-fit).
For c. 500k, you could bring 92 Merrion Road to same size as 76 Merrion Road (3,800 sq ft.), and re-fit as per 76 Merrion Road.
And, at the current asking price, you would still have almost 1m left to spend in the shops and restaurants of Ballsbridge vs. 76 Merrion Road ?

The link ain’t working.

It seems to have disappeared from myhome.ie - maybe it has gone Sale Agreed ? (which would make sense)

You won’t renovate a 2,850sqft wreck and add 1,000sqft for 500k. You’d be lucky to be finished with the 2,850sqft for 500k if buyers plan on doing it properly - definitely would be budgeting €750k+, though €1m is pushing it unless someone is planning on a high spec.
These houses are literally on top of the Merrion Road - mere feet from it. The better houses on the road are set back much further with wider sites and heavy planting/walls/gates to the front to try and block the noise and add privacy, but that isn’t as possible here given the limits of the site and proximity to the main road. Northeasterly orientation is also a big disadvantage.

If memory serves me, aren’t these houses overshadhowed by large trees?

I’d agree with you on the reno costs - to do these properties justice you’d need to ensure a very high end finish.

Edited - property is further from the junction than I thought.

Just in response to SoCoDu and Andy above.

I am able to do re-fits of D4 / D6 old houses at 100 sq ft. for the existing structure and 200 sq ft. for extensions. By re-fit, I mean ripping out everything bar the walls and roof and flooring. If there is a problem with these items however, then I will start heading towards the 200 sq ft. mark. If part of the space is attic (like 92 Merrion), than that is a slight saving again (always cheaper space). I did go though 90 Merrion and the roof and many internal walls structures were good (plus it has the general roof extension).

I accept that this is not going to produce a Paul Brazil finish or very advanced heating / wiring but it would certainly look really good (not cheap by any standard) and perform really well. Would be a proper good standard D4 / D6 finish.

I have gone through the re-fits by Max O’Flaherty and others in the best D4 roads. They will spend 200 sq ft. on the existing structure and 250 sq ft. on the extension (or 300 sq ft. if you want a very special / wow extension finish like copper etc.). However these re-fits are incredible (lots of new wood panelling, full sound proofing, and very expensive glass work). They would way too much for 90 or 92 Merrion Road. For a just under 4,000 sq ft. period wreck, for c. 1.1m, they can produce a 5,000 sq ft. palace.

I can see from the back garden photos of 90 Merrion Road, that they have done a normal re-fit (but with a nice design touch). Maybe an ordinary couple will pay 20% more (600k), but for 1m, they would have a standard of fit-out that would be too much for the site ? That would be over 250 a sq ft. ?

The brand new houses in the new Elton Park site (Torca and the other), which have very nice finishes and would look pretty good in 90 & 92 Merrion Road ? were built from scratch for just over 200 sq ft.

I accept that build costs is a tricky area and people can dramatically up the budget during the process, but I do stand by what I can do (and what other disciplined developers can do).

That’s interesting to read, however as you suggest there’s probably different prices for someone who knows what their doing and someone who doesn’t!

I would have thought that a buyer of this house (fully renovated) would be looking for all the bells & whistles re technology & insulation and some unique design features (akin to the “incredible” finishes you referenced above).

Plans for 90 Merrion Road attached. I’m not a huge fan of the proposed/new layout dublincity.ie/AnitePublicDocs/00409698.pdf

Very interesting Andy

Unusual architectural drawings - they look hand done (vs. typical computer ones) ?

Agree with you. There is not a lot of room to play with but I would have gone for a big box at the back (not the two roofs they have), and possibly dug down a metre (ground permitting) to give a full double height feel (the crux of this house is to break out the confinement).

92 back on the market after refurb, asking €2m - myhome.ie/residential/broch … -4/4113026

Looks pretty comprehensive, but uninspiring compare to what they did next door - thehousethatwill.com/images/THTW … -house.jpg

i think you would always look enviously next door

the garden could do with some work as well :angry: