WIW: 92 Broadford Avenue

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What do you guys think. Asking is 375,000. House needs total refurbishment, nothing has been done to modernise it since it was built. Current offer on this is 390,000. Property only went up for sale on Friday last and bidding has been frantic on it all day. The starting bid was 380,000. I was interested if could have got it for asking price. Am I right in saying 390,000 is crazy money for this, considering it needs minimum 25-30,000 to rewire/windows/kitchen/bathroom etc.
People seem to be in full on panic mode with a deadline of mortgage approval expiring looming.

That price is chunky.

Mad money.
Lengthy discussion on another recent house in Broadford here: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=63855&hilit=broadford&start=0

I started that thread too! Looking in that estate for the past 6 months. Every viewing is packed, all houses go for over asking. Definitely no sign of this apparent price drop occurring in this estate.

Worth noting that prices actually rose in March. Continued modest rises is a likely scenario despite the anecdotes about that major fallback, which is always-arriving, never-quite-here.

Why, then, don’t you run out and buy, buy, buy if it’s a one way street? Plenty of examples of prices falling - despite what little rises the CSO figures, based on average prices paid by those getting mortgages (who are under pressure with AIP), may depict.

I lived in one of these houses for a few years… the one abiding memory…the cold !

Prices are probably almost early 2005 in nominal terms as far as I recall

Houses aren’t lookers, are a bit small and don’t have much potential to extend but very handy for a lot of local amenities.

“Broadford won the award for Best Housing Estate in 2013” Maybe this is the reason for the prices :wink:

Link myhome.ie/3176091

My sister bought in this estate in early 2010 for €375k. House was in similar condition as the link above.

Are prices really at 2005 prices? I doubt that personally, but am open to a solid statistic showing it to be the case.

It has a BER rating of F.
Some of the similar houses in the estate also have low ratings E2, D2 etc.

We’ve friends with a neighboring estate and they did their house up lovely. Great location but it is a long walk to the luas stop!

I’m going on ancedotal evidence here. They were getting about 380 or so when I bought something close by in 2004. What I bought is definitely more than a 2004 price now, not hugely but 5 to 10 per cent so I think prices around the area are around 2005. Hard to make comparisons with exact house types etc and also house price inflation was so high in 04/05 prices went up in steps

The current offer is now 393k. Crazy money in my opinion. The first viewing was Saturday last, and the estate agent says the seller looking to go sale agreed today or tomorrow. Looks to me like they can’t believe their luck and want to take the money and run. This house needs at least 40-50k spent on it to bring it up to the same standards as houses in the same estate that are selling for 410k. It makes no sense.

Know these houses fairly well and it’s depressing that they sell for so much.

Somebody getting sorted before their pre-CB Restrictions approval expires?

No, it’s a cash buyer by all accounts.

Price increased to €400k.