WiW - 92 Harolds Cross Road, 12 (!) bed in Harolds Cross

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/1613779

There have been lots of threads before about landlords offloading pre-63 properties in bedsit units prior to the new legislation coming into force next year but, even by slum landlord standards, this one is pretty bizarre. 12 bedsits in 1800 sq in Harolds Cross.

Location is good, but complete renovation and remodelling would be needed to turn this into any sort of legal investment property. An example of somewhere that is probably unsellable in the current market? Or will they be willing to take some sort of nominal sum (10/20k) to have it off their hands - and would someone bite at that level?

I would at €20k.

12 bedsits x €400 per month x 12 months = €57,600 before I have to worry about compliance with new regulations.

Then turn it into 6 units @ €600 per month * 12 months = €42,200 after spending €100k on refurb

Maybe I might even go as high as €21k

Sale Agreed:
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/1613779

Did you have to go the full 21k then Landlord?

If only for this house, I am looking forward to the price database. I am trying to get my head around who on earth would have bought this and at what price it might possibly have made sense to do so.

167 m2

167/12= 14m2 each

400 per month for one of these is equal to €28.50 per m2. To live in a fucking slum bedsit.

Pulled out at €21.5k :frowning:

Too rich for my blood.