WIW 92 Iona Road

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This is a lovely road, as most people familiar with the area will know. The house is a nice house. Only slight negative would be living across the road from the church, as parking can be difficult at times.

The house two doors down went for around €800k in an auction a few weeks ago. That house was detached, but not in as good nick as this house.

I have given up calling the market, so I guess I am asking two questions:

What will it go for? I say at or slightly above the asking price of €775k.

What is it worth? I have no idea, I think these D9 red brick houses are way overpriced, but like I say, I have given up calling the market.

I’d say you’re broadly in the ballpark of where it’ll end up.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -9/2778029

Below is a similar size red brick house in just as good an area with an asking price less than 50% than above.

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That house in Whitehall cant be compared to Iona Road. Iona Road is top drawer.

Based on the (smaller) detached house 2 doors away fetching 865,000 last month, I’d say this will go way over asking. It has 5 beds, the other had 3 and still needed several hundred thousand of woro on it to bring it up to top spec.

On the negative side, it was built later than the classic Iona Road houses- 1930s. Its a little inferior to the 865,000 in that regard.

The other house is:
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -9/2732918

Got to run…

The house on Iona is 80% bigger and has a bigger Garden and in better condition, outside of some roads in Clontarf, Iona is prob the most sought after in the north city burbs, Tourmakeady is not so I think a lot of the price deferential is justified.

Personally I love 1930’s architecture and layouts, think it wipes the floor with Georgian/ early Victorian for a similar sized house, but I know I am in the minority in that one these days.

There is no way that Whitehall is just as good an area as the Iona area of Glasnevin.

No way in hell.

The Iona house is in very nice condition.

You are missing the point.

It is not value at more than twice the asking price.

No you specifically said it was similar size - it’s not, and in just as good an area - again it’s not.

Now if you’d said here is a similar size house, though much smaller which suggests the other one is overpriced you might have a point.

Anyway imho these two houses aren’t in the same bracket and will by and large appeal to vastly different segments of the market. People with enough money to consider Iona aren’t even going to give that whitehall property a seconds glance. They are virtually non comparable.

+1, though in defence of Belview, the comparison of the two properties and prices is interesting. Clearly the houses are different, and the Iona Rd house is functionally (m2, #bedrooms) and conventional-aesthetically well ahead of the one in Whitehall, but the degree of difference struggles to justify the price difference. Whitehall is a grand area, looking at streetview, the immediate streets might actually be nicer for kids to play on than Iona Rd (which is relatively busy), and the house is probably a very solid build and on the easier side to insulate, heat and maintain. #2 looks like it could be one of the poorer examples in the area.

So, anyone viewed it yet!? :wink:

The problem with Gaeltacht Park, which in itself I agree is quite lovely, is that it’s surrounded by dull, grey, traffic-choked Swords Road on one side and dull, grey Collins Avenue on the other.

I may be biased having lived around there as a child but once you get outside of the warren of houses it be grim grim grim.

It’s full of cats, 42 of them to be precise, and condition of sale is the cats get to stay. In light of that, only expected to fetch 150k over asking.

This gaff was in the Irish Times a few years ago, and I think we can expect a follow-up piece this week.

This sold for €945k

myhome.ie/priceregister/92-i … n-9-338252

I know my estimate was quite a bit off (€925k), but nobody on the street expected that not one but two crowds of vivisectionists got into a bidding war for it and actually saw the cats as an asset. St. Columba’s National School across the road is also expecting to be able to sort out discipline problems much more quickly in the coming year and raise some revenue to boot.