WIW 94 Harolds Cross Cottages



A huge crowd at the open viewing for this refurbished cottage in Harolds Cross last weekend:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1837827

Architecturally designed interior.

Asking price is 365k. What do people think? And what is this part of Harolds X like?



Priced about right in my book. The buyer vs buyer relationship will heavily influence price on this one, as opposed to buyer vs seller relationship.


Love it. I’d say it will go for at least the asking if not more.


I cant put a figure on it. Its really well finished but it would still seem a little expensive for me. I’d say 300k tops. I just don’t know. I could be wrong.


I think it’s a little over-priced.
layout is way too open to be paying that money.
No garden to speak of.
Finish is nice but I’m not sure how nice.

Wold think about 275k max.


Got a friend of mine, who lets say in the know to do a check on this part of Harolds Cross I used to work in the area a few years ago and was never that struck on it … though things may have changed, what with the Tiger. Anyway he claims that there is a very transient population here ( loads of renters) lots of disputes regarding parking and its close to a few dodgy areas … I love the inside but the outside would put me off, looks as if you are living cheek by kowl here, if a bidding war starts hope they have done their home work. Lets not forget its a cottage lovely on the inside but not so lovely on the outside and the garden … what garden ?? Anyway was going to go to open viewing but in light of what my friend told me didnt bother…will keep looking


It’s a bit sad that this is a unique selling point in Ireland rather than par for the course. It’s a nice job they’ve done


for a place like this it’s probably the case that someone will way overpay to avoid the hassle of buying a similar fixer upper in the same area and doing a similar job themselves.


Are you serious? In that case I think I might go have a look…


Well I guess I’m saying that that’s what I’d be willing to pay for this house in this area.
365k is a lot of money for a smallish open-plan cottage imo.
I think it’s only a little better than a starter home, so 275k is the price I’d be willing to pay.


I’d agree. I don’t think it’s a great area.


Same and the house lacks grass! No front garden and a tiny patch for a back garden, still over priced.


Agreed the house is overpriced, but I lived on Mt. Drummond for 6 months back in college days (over 10 years ago now) and it was a quiet area then. Can only imagine it has been further gentrified since then.


Yes i agree the area is really quiet. I used to live there and still live nearby. Really close to town, canal yet easy to get out of town as well, don’t get stuck in traffic. I never had a parking dispute and it’s not close to any dodgy areas, the houses are being bought up and done up and people like it.


Lived in the cottages for 6 years.

On the one hand it’s a great location for accessing town, nice walk down the canal if you work around the Stephens green area etc, it’s fairly quiet also for the most part.

The only bad thing I’ll say is there is a stream of scumbags pass through the cottages from the estate at the top of the road, we had trouble with them, kicking our car, breaking the fence in the garden, mainly one young family whose parents were happy to let the kids run amok. A few cars were just dumped outside our house also, one ended up getting burnt out. We also had lots of people parking their cars outside our house also which was a bit of a pain, especially when they decide to dump their rubbish or ashtrays out of the car in front of your house and drive off, I caught one fucker doing it one day, scumbag. However bear in mind we were near Emmet St/O’Hara Ave which is the main scumbag thorough fare, you hopefully wouldn’t have that problem being off it a little as it looks like the house is in a cul de sac which “should” put it directly off the beaten track.

At €365K I think you’d got to be having a laugh, if I was to pluck a number out of the air, which everyone on this thread seems to be doing due to lack of a rental price, definitely sub 200k.


I am familiar with this area and I think there are a few things you should be aware of. Firstly, Grove Road Flats on Grove Road have a number of undesirables and these congregate in the laneway which leads from Grove Road to Harolds Cross Cottages. Secondly, there is a rat run from Rathmines/Leinster Road via Grosvenor Lane and onto Mount Drummond Avenue which is used by numerous dodgy characters, day and night. Cars being broken into along this rat run is a regular occurrence. Thirdly, there are stables in Grosvenor Lane which also attract these dodgy characters, none of these are locals. There are a lot of elderly people living in the area and as stated in an earlier post there are also a lot of rented properties. This causes a lot of parking issues for the locals. Don’t get me wrong it is a nice area generally and is a great location for town but you should be aware of the above.


I think this has a lot going for it. It is well designed - that can’t be said for every renovated house. They’ve made good use of the space and worked in three decent-size bedrooms, a couple of bathrooms, an office, a utility room and bits and pieces of storage space into a cottage. (Granted, the master bedroom can’t actually be called a bedroom because the ceiling is not quite high enough for building regulations! But it doesn’t feel cramped.) It’s much roomier than you’d expect a cottage to be.

There are some issues - one of the bedrooms and the office have opaque windows (presumably a planning condition because they overlook somebody?) I do think parking could be tricky also.

I think there will be bidders and the price will depend more on what people are prepared to pay for the area.


I went to the Open Viewing last night. They said that they had an offer of €385,000- estate agent was highly excited.

Beautiful house, fabulous finish, great use of space. Still, no way I’d pay that for it!


Thanks for all the replies everyone. It seems this is certainly going beyond my budget.


If I paid the better part of 400 grand for a house, and then found I worried about what route to walk home, or worried about my car, I’d feel very foolish.