WIW 94 Harolds Cross Cottages


One to take note of - having a lot of elderly people there. T’was the same on my on-street-parking road when I moved in in '99. A lot of the elderly hadn’t got cars or if they did, they had but one little un. Many of those elderly have died to be replaced by younger folk - generally with two cars and generally with larger cars.

What was a fairly empty street car-wise has become fairly choc-o-bloc


5% over the asking price!

I wonder will they increase the advertised price on Daft/Myhome or go Sale Agreed.


410k now apparently - someone was there on Saturday

I think that’s completely batshit crazy to be honest, even if it is very well done.


As yer wan Sarah beeney used to say there is a ceiling on what any house in a particular road can ever be worth and that’s over the odds for the area.


myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1837827

This has gone sale agreed already, there must have been somthing hypnotic on the inside of it to get €410k


Was just on the phone to a friend who is looking to buy around this area (not this house) and so has got to know the EA who was dealing with this place reasonably well. She was talking to him today and he mentioned that apparently the vendors have decided not to sell at the 410k at which it was sale agreed, as they were concerned after the CB report came out stating that property had overshot by 26%.

I actually thought twice about posting this as it seems so unbelievable but I would have no reason to doubt the source. If it true, we have learnt nothing from the past 4 years. I am far from the most bearish on the Pin but this makes me despair for this country.


Have to say it, I think we are close to if not already at despondency, at least in Dublin.
In the areas I was looking at in SCD prices have seem to have stabilised at the margins.

If you’re ballsy I don’t think its a bad time to start thinking about making your move.


Maybe it is just me but if I owned this house and was offered €410,000 I would grab it and then use my pile of cash to trade-up to a bigger place. If the owners believe that the supposedly offered €410,000 represents a 26% drop on its actual value, giving it a “correct” value of close to €540,000, then either they or I are living in the wrong universe.


i would agree 100% 410k for this house is a great result in the current market.


Back on the market for a cool 695k…


If they’d only just gone to market before the end of 2019… :grimacing:


Jesus, some win for them if they ever achieve this price. Unlikely …


I would say 550-575k max in the current market
Thats if anybody buys at this time
I would say most sensible buyers will wait till the carnage ensues and then pick the bones of the market
I know of two sale agreed where the buyer has pulled out and with hours the EA has got back on to offer the buyer a reduced price of 7.5 -10%
One of the names of the EA shocked me ,as they normally go the other direction on price after sale agreed
Contrary to what they say in public about demand still being strong Ea are very worried