WIW: 97 Howth Road, Howth

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/2617188

Asking €795k.

Pros: good size, well presented, nice garden, close to Howth harbour.
Cons: main road traffic, no sea views, might be freezing, 800k.

Unknowns: BER rating, possible future development of green space to rear of property?

Given that Devenish, Claremont Road (much better location with sea views and a BER cert) sold for 710k recently, this seems expensive although this is much bigger (215 vs 125 sqm claimed) and has a better developed garden.

Money aside, I think the traffic is the biggest concern since it isn’t fixable.

They are both nice properties. 97 Howth road looks to be finished to quite a high standard (interior decoration, kitchen etc) but does have quite a few additions to the property, and they may or may not be done well.

It’s quite a lot of money but forgetting the external factors and just evaluating it from the front gate to the back garden, its really also quite a lot of house for the money. The main road/no sea views thing won’t bother some people at all.

The exterior of the property is much more attractive than the one you are comparing it to. Garden is also really nice, and a fantastic orientation.

If it went for the asking price I think somebody would be doing quite well for themselves @ €343 per sqft for all that the property offers. A similarly sized detached house up the road is asking €445 per sqft.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/2504749

Thanks Karlos.

That Montrose one is bonkers pricing IMO.

Also as a comparison, there’s this for 750k:

Glencar, Kitestown Road, Howth, Co. Dublin
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/2519461

…which is on a 0.3acre site well off the main road with a “large undeveloped rear garden offers unlimited scope” which I take to mean a field. Though as I posted on the Glencar thread, the dimensions don’t add up.

Wait, by your own calculations, Glencar is asking over €500 per square foot, so is terrible value… so that makes the howth road property look better no?

Also Glencar looks to be isolated and down a single track lane from streetview. The Howth road property is right by the coast, right by the dart, right by the village. Glencar is a 2.2km walk to the village/dart. That might appeal to some people who would rather be off the beaten track.

I just don’t think they are directly comparable properties. Check them out on streetview. I know which has more kerb appeal for me anyway.

Fair enough, they’re not directly comparable.

The problem is that the Howth market seems to be currently divided into:

  • A handful of detached €1-2m trophy homes. Lovely but out of my price range.
  • A couple of decent looking places in the 600-800k range.
  • Total crap.

There’s such a tiny trickle of supply it’s impossible to compare like with like, except perhaps with past sales (for which I don’t have the brochures).