WIW 98 Aidans Drive, Goatstown, Dublin 14


Been thinking about viewing this, it’s well over my budget but seems like a crazy asking price especially with no back garden.

myhome.ie/residential/broch … 14/3098853

The area seems fine?

Good lord. It’s effectively a three-room house. It also has the living area on the upstairs. This is kooky enough and should diminish the price in my view.

Floor space not stated but I’d guess max 800 sq ft. At e531 per sq ft it’s way out of line with asking for D14 of about e425: viewtopic.php?p=806381#p806381

I think it’ll linger a while at the asking price (e425k March 2015)…

What a shithole…

Ok, tiz worth nowhere near the asking but this is a bit strong !

Agreed. The price is totally mental (even more so than the already mental South County Dublin norm), but it looks an okay spot if you could get it for a lot less money.