WIW 98 Trees Road Mount Merrion

Nice area, schools, park etc. but 695k?
665 euro per square foot.

What will it go for?


It is a hard one to call. I have a number of friends looking in the area. They regard it as too small to be a long-term family home. All have regarded it as overpriced considering what they feel needs to be done to make it a bigger family home. Some would consider it for €75,000 less. Walk around the surrounding streets/roads and you will see lots of examples of the MMM (Mount Merrion Makeover). Factor in €200,000 on top of the €695,000 plus expenses which makes it a very expensive option. The road is also something of a rat run at peak commuting times which is something to also consider.

South facing - long garden with lots of scope for extension.

These peaked at €1.35M (few doors up, similar condition) in 2006.

Credit is a hellava drug!

Always thought Mount Merrion was a massively overrated area. Its just kind of in no-mans land off the N11. Give me somewhere on the coast any day.

665 per sq ft?

I know this one at 1 Trees Road is in a different price bracket at 950k but it is only 347 per sq ft and is vastly superior in finish. I’d say they spent 500k on it (admittedly during the Tiger years).


If you apply the same analysis, it would be embarrassing to ask more than 230 per sq ft for number 98.

Of course vendors have no shame these days and your question was “What will it go for?” I suppose the answer is that “It just takes one nutter and maybe they will find one.”

Sorry if it doesn’t help.

That’s grand, thanks for the input. Just thought I was maybe missing something like a cellar full of wine!
@Oxtered, I would have thought part of the price was that it was on a quiet road so I didn’t realise it was busy in the mornings.

It’s used as part of a winding cut through from Kilmacud Road to Fosters Avenue etc to avoid Taney Road or the N11 and so on at peak.

To the poster whose friends think this house is, *“too small to be a long-term family home.” *Isn’t that precisely what it has been for the past 60 years? How big a family are your friends planning? The garden is huge - plenty of room for “long-term” expansion.

(Oh, and it’ll get very close to the asking price or possibly above.)

@HiFi - people’s expectations have changed. I grew up in a similar house nearby with four other siblings. Now kids have to have their own bedrooms plus there has to be an en-suite for Mammy and Daddy. A guest room, play room, grown up sitting room, open plan space for entertaining, study perhaps… The concept of waiting to get these is just not there…

Sale agreed at €720,000

€690 per sq.ft!!!

For comparison: 120 Trees Road sold on 22-12-11 for €430k

+1 If Ireland had a ‘Middle Ireland’, this’d be it IMHO.

Its a quiet suburb, its close to town, close to UCD, close to the n11 bus corridor, close to the m-50, its got good schools, a park, views from a lot of the properties, and large gardens in a lot of the properties. There is a little villagey bit in the middle by the church and pub.

I always have to laugh when people say that an area is “overrated”. Opinions are free, money talks, and if Mt Merrion was not a good area, it would not achieve the prices it does.

Great value at 720 this will be well over a million next year.

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Mount Merrion is actually fairly unique in Dublin and Irish terms, in that it was planned and designed along the concept of the English Garden City - whch was popular in the years following WW1. The houses in Mount Merrion could be in Richmond, or Surbiton or anywhere in outer London. The first time I visited it as a kid in the 1970s, I thought I was in one of Richmal Crompton’s ‘Just William’ books. Later on I half expected to see Reggie Perrin coming around the corner with his briefcase and brolly. It’s basically a little slice of the leafy Home Counties in South Dublin and that’s why a lot of people like it. It has a very strong community spirit too with a nice park, tennis club etc. Anyone I know who grew up there seems to have had an idylic childhood and many of them have since bought there themselves.)

Tons of info and some great old photos and maps here:
mountmerrionhistorical.com/M … pment.html

My SO grew up here and she raves about it. Personally my idea of suburban hell.

Middle Ireland cannot afford €720,000 for a house. About one sixth of that more like.

Thanks HiFi - very interesting.

I grew up in Ottawa, my mom was a planner for the city - planning is always on my radar. I have to say that planning and Ireland are not two words I would usually put together, but I am glad to see that the result of planning is appreciated, and the value can be seen in Mount Merrion (even if I don’t like it). I think it’s especially the busy road that intersects the area that gets me - who’d want to live along that?!