WIW 98 watson drive killiney?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ey/1341859

anyone know anything about these houses or the area?

I’ve been in one of these on that same road and I thought it was a decent size and quality, though it was much more modernised and I think probalby extended out the back. Garden wasn’t huge. The area is fine, very settled and close to a lot of amenities. Others here will probably tell you that it is not a million miles from some less desireable spots like Ballybrack, Loughlinstown etc. and that may be reflected in the price.

I know the area pretty well.

Very residential around there but wouldn’t personally consider it because of the lack of transport links and proximity to Ballybrack.

Have a look at this thread:


A year ago, €355k ( < €300/sq.ft) would probably have looked like a good price. Definitely way below peak prices (€800k+), although this one is nearer the Ralahine end (arguably less desirable), and is unextended. From the outside it looks like other houses in Watson’s/Brackenbush which are reasonably well built.

In summary: ok, but not a bargain.

I wouldn’t let proximity to Ballybrack put me off. Rarely anything exciting happens up there these days. It is nothing like the place it was 15 years ago.

Well your nearest anything is Tesco Ballybrack a “stroll” away. It’s not Beirut but Dundrum Shopping Centre it ain’t.
If you were going to live around Watsons you’d be better off up towards Killiney Shopping Centre.

Though it’s really the lack of transport around there that’s the problem. Unless you want to live on the number 7 bus.