WIW - 99 Grace O'Malley Road, Howth


What does anyone think this is worth?


Not sure what it’s worth - the price ceratainly isn’t outragous and Howth is a great place and the location (for a former council estate) is pretty quiet and secluded, backing onto Howth Castle Demense and golf course. Looks like it’s walk-in conditon too, with plenty of room for extentsion. Yep, could live there!

It’s no bargain, either, for a small ex-council house. If that’s a 3-bed they must all be tiny. The refurbishmed rooms look cheap, like they were done by a landlord rather than an occupant. Cheap should beget cheap. About €200-225 per sq m, and while no floor area is given, I’m guessing 100 sq m (but it could be just 80 or 90) so IMO €200-225k is what it’s worth.

WIW 104 Grace O’Malley Road
104 Grace O’Malley Road went sale agreed for €220k recently. It was asking €240k. In my opinion 104 had alot more potential because it was at the very end of the road without being overlooked and with space to build a 2 storey extension to the side. These are small houses and would need to be extended unless you don’t have a family. It had a south facing back garden. I was pretty interested but I wouldn’t see #99 as a viable option even at the same price.

So I don’t see how it could it be worth more than €220k today

104 was advertised as 73 sq m . This one seems to have extended to the back so a bit bigger

I viewed it and liked it when I was there, decent garden, wasn’t small. Think it would be grand for a family. 1 Bathroom, downstairs. Would be nice to live in Howth. There’s an offer of 250 on it at the moment which I thought was roughly fair value but then I got cold feet and decided not to bid it up. Figure if I wait a while I could get something great for 300

B’fhearr liom é ná céad bó bhainne…

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Hi all, I heard locally dat 104 went for 260 not 220. Although I’ve also heard the buyers may be pulling out because of planning issues with the front porch. Number 99 now has an offer for 255, any ideas on how to proceed and what to pay for it?!

I was told the other day about an offer of 250 but for me that would be the max anyway so good luck with it. As a guide Id say dont pay more than 260?

I was bidding on 104 and was told by the estate agent that it sold for 224 but a guy on the pin heard it was 220. 260? Sounds like a rumour circulated by the seller of 99 :slight_smile:

Yeah ur probably right! Thanks for that! Best of luck with your search!

I think its a great house tho. good luck if ur bidding