WIW 99 Upper Rathmines Road

Thinking about setting up some viewings in the next few months, after that who knows. Browsing this lunch time I came across this myhome.ie/1319656, 99 Upper Rathmines Road, with a guide price for €925 with Lisneys. I always think that Lisney’s take the p*ss with valuations in this area, but that is just my opinion. This one, even though it is quite nice, seems quite overpriced. What do you reckon it would sell for assuming the sale occurred in the next 2 months?

Well, 400 EUR a sq foot seems to be the starting point for discussions in that area these days for something like this in reasonable condition
However, the 2,500 sq foot quoted , seems to include the massive garage space looking at the plans?!?
The reality is that its only really part of the home after considerable expense integrating it with the conservatory/litchen and making it a usable living space.

don’t ya just love these ads - a 4-bed house showing only 3 bedrooms in the floorplan (Main bedroom, bedroom 3 & bedroom 4)?
Irish EAs are so professional…

It’s now gone sale agreed (its quoting €725K)


If it went sale agreed quoting €725k, selling price of something in the region of €600-€650k might be a fair guess, or about €235-255 per square foot (if the quoted 2565 sq ft is correct).

That would be a significantly lower €/ft than others in the area for what looks like a very fine house, good parking, garden, good aspect etc. I wonder what the story behind it is?

I think there’s just a shortage of people paying over 500k for a house. The higher you go, the fewer buyers there are. This is a busy-ish road, commercial premises as neighbours.

I’d put up with that quite happily if I had 650k to spend, but it would limit the pool of buyers still further

I was talking to two estate agents in the last two days and both said that virtually all buyers now are cash (i.e. real cash, not just mortgages dependent on a sale). If that is the case, I would imagine there is a limited supply of people with over 500K in cash lying around

I think the location of that house is very good actually, and it is set well back with great parking so it is a nice place; I think it must have been something else. Academic now in any case.

sold for 620. Basement flooded in october. Also really not in as good nick as photos imply. Nice house though.

Thanks for that.

242 per square foot and 33% less than the original asking price 6 months ago.

they also turned down an offer of 1.75mil a couple of years back expecting to get the 2 1/2 mil… :open_mouth:

One person’s loss is another person’s gain in terms of dodging a large amount of negative equity if that sale had gone through.

At least the owners recognised the new reality and sold, albeit at a much lower price than they would have achieved several years ago.

Someone mentioned at the top of this thread about Lisney’s overpricing. I have to agree. But I always wonder how much of this is due to unrealistic expectations from sellers and agents like Lisney’s not wanting to make the sellers face reality. I imagine estate agents want to maintain a critical mass of properties to in turn maintain their scale.

I called them recently about several houses in the million+ price range. They mentioned “offers” on both houses at amounts much greater that I felt represented fair value. Both houses still remain for sale, these alleged offers not have been accepted. But no one from Lisney’s followed-up with any sales-type questions on who I was, what I was looking for, what my funding status was, etc.

Maybe someone from Lisney’s could comment anonymously.

One again, thanks for the insight.

Exact same experience with lisney in d6 area. One house i was looking at in that price bracket supposedly had an offer within 15% of current asking but two months later is still for sale. Another gaff a bit below that bracket I put an offer on ~25% below asking and a week later there was an offer 14% below asking. Still for sale. Interestingly, about two years ago one of the lisney agnets in the d6 area told me he had sold and was renting.

There seem to be offers on number of places I’m interested in (my interest is usually well below the offer); is there any chance that these ‘offers’ are insubstantial (to be generous) ?

We should make sure we do not bid against each other and drive up prices unnecessarily.

Every time an estate agent lies, a puppy dies.

Are there that many puppies in the world???

Address Information 99 Upper Rathmines Road

Dublin 6
Sale Information Date of Sale: 28/02/2012
Price: €600,000.00