WIW - Abingdon - Shankill

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 18/2061130


Thoughts on the above. There appears to be a lot of properties coming on at the minute. My “myhome” searches are lighting up.

Given the work required I would say fair value at around 500-600k. Not a trophy location but asking a trophy price.


Really beautiful and very old (1750) house, sadly completely ruined by local authority housing built very close by in the 1970s, although those estates are setling down.

I don’t know its condition, but from the pictures it’s quite a big renovation job.

There are two houses on its former grounds currently for sale too, Coolvally and a lodge. Will post links in a minute.

Michael Fingleton would be your very close neighbour as he lives next door.

There was a planning application to turn it into a nursing home, but I can’t recall the outcome. See dlrcoco.ie/Meetings/2010/DLPTWW/Feb10.htm

€975k is a huge price considering the above. Hard to value something like this. It wouldn’t interest me, but there might be someone out there for whom it is a perfect fit.

Coolvally in the former grounds of Abingdon is here: globrix.ie/property-details/ … bed-studio

The lodge type house is here: myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 18/1876368

I’d rather this (better condition & location) viewtopic.php?f=23&t=45417 and €280k to play with and travel the world during the winter :wink:

Just remembered this and so looked it up:

Sold for nearly €6m in 2007 by DTZ Sherry Fitz - ouch! :cry:

See Irish Times 27 June 2007 - need to login to view.

irishtimes.com/newspaper/com … 34945.html

(for some reason that link comes up as 6 June 2007, but it’s there if you just search “Abingdon” in IT) [edit]

Now less than 1/6 its former “value”.

Very interesting extractor fan in shot 7, and are those swallows flying inside the house?

And what about the UCD Arts Block type addition to the front???

Sale agreed sign up. No idea yet what it went for.

That really is an act of vandalism

Sold for €785k on 18/04/2013
propertypriceregister.ie/Website … enDocument

-87% (excluding stamp duty). Ouch.

Planning application. Appears to be minor alterations for a family home. Link too long to post here. Go to DLRCC’s planning department website and search “abingdon”.

Good luck to them. Love to see these beautiful old houses brought back to use as family homes. The purchasers got a great house. Well done :smiley: