WIW - Altmor Brighton Road Foxrock

Don’t know the area really but what a lovely looking house.
Anyone got an idea of roughly how much this was sale agreed at?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 18/1885400

It’s a truly fabulous house in the very best part of Foxrock! Asking price was €1,900,000 - I doubt whether it went for less than €1,600,000 - but that’s just an educated guess!

An acquaintance of mine made a €1.6m offer for this house some time recently and was turned down.

(Of course the vendor might have believed that values are still falling, and accepted *less *than €1.6m…but I doubt it.)

You can get a lot for 2 bar these days.


Just three months late, Landlord!

Rumour is 1.7m and sale should complete next week. Fine pad.

propertypriceregister.ie/web … enDocument

Sold for 1.7m as per ppr, rumour above was correct

That seemed like a good deal - almost 4000 sq ft (not including coach house) on two thirds of acre in lovely period home on very good road.

The people selling the house just beside it ‘Cooldrinagh’ (Kerrymount) are asking almost 2x this (3.4m) for same footage (but no coach house and just 3 rooms) on 1 acre ?

In fairness, Foxrock mansions on big gardens are now being priced cheaper then their d4 modern red brick equivalents (ie Northbrook in Ranelagh) - the traffic is a big issue ?

There has been a trend in recent years for people to fight over the D4/D6 red bricks, with superior homes in Foxrock/ Dalkey/ Killiney stagnating on the market for longer periods. I’m sure it mostly comes down to the commuting time to the city.

Cooldrinagh is, in my opinion, is far superior and warrants a huge premium over Altmor. Kerrymount Avenue is one of the best roads in Dublin, probably the best road in Dublin in some peoples’ books. Even though the vast majority of the houses on the road are lavish mansions, the road has not been overdeveloped during the boom imo, which is a rarity in Dublin for a road with homes on extensive sites. The house itself is far more architecturally impressive and important than Altmor and being on one acre on Kerrymount Avenue is always going to command a premium. The only problem is the decor, with which I’m finding it hard to believe that a renovation took place 14 years ago. That said, complete cosmetic change is nearly always likely to take place even if the house is ‘up to date’ at this level of the market, so it wont be an issue for whoever buys it.

Altmor was 3600sqft according to the brochure and while it wasn’t bad value, it wasn’t great value either. From the pictures, the home seems to be quite dark and despite being a large period home, the rooms seem fairly unimpressive (that modern kitchen room especially), bar the large living room with the french doors leading to the garden. Likewise, the plasterwork isn’t great, nor is the panelling, and the fireplaces are all very ordinary. I’m sure the house will be magnificent when they’re done with it, assuming total refurb, but it will presumably cost a fair amount to bring it to an appropriate standard and you have to take that into consideration. Cooldrinagh appears to be technically in ‘move in’ condition, even though it is outdated it would be liveable, and it has great proportions, features and layout. The whole first floor being a master suite is great depending on who the buyer is, however it makes the home fairly impractical for families given that it is a 3-bed, 4100sqft house. It is more of a trophy than a family home, I suppose.

interesting, your local knowledge is great thanks

also - you are correct regarding foxrock it is under priced in comparison to ranelagh however the traffic is pretty bad

you would want to be up at the crack to drive into town

If you can afford 1.7m then you are of the sort that starts early, or does not have to clock on with the great unwashed.

Some of us quiet like our drive into the office - good thinking time outside family. :slight_smile:

How much does the Beckett connection add to Cooldrinagh I wonder and what would the arch minimalist have made of the décor?

Very interesting SoCoDu (as always)

How would you compare ‘Cooldrinagh’ to ‘Brynoge’

Brynogue sold for 3.45m and is 1.5 acres with almost 6000 sq ft in 6 beds

Cooldrinagh is asking same for 1 acre in almost 4000 sq ft in 3 beds ?

I guess a good comparison I could make for you would be the sale of Trefleur, Westminster Road and Innisfallen, Kerrymount Avenue. Both sales took place a month between each other. They’re both two good homes to compare to Cooldrinagh and Brynogue, because the difference in acreage is quite similar and they’re both equally less important homes than the two currently for sale, however size-wise they’re not as comparable.

Trefleur, standing on 1.65 acres, sold for €2.650m in January 2011. I don’t have an exact square footage, but I estimate it to be approx. 3,000sqft. I’m not sure of the condition it was in as it was sold in a private deal, not advertised publicly. More info on Trefleur here. I reckon it was in good condition and was structurally very solid as the new owners didn’t reconstruct any of the house or make any additions and the previous owner was very big into property and presumably had expensive taste to match judging by her choice in home to begin with.

Innisfallen is a ‘modern’ detached home on almost 1.00 acre of land (like Cooldrinagh) extending to approx 3,200sq.ft. It isn’t the typical arts & crafts home that people want iN Foxrock, it was just an unassuming house with a very very long rectangular garden. Cooldrinagh is superior both architecturally and in terms of garden, as I think most people prefer a large wrap-around garden rather than a long, narrower garden. Innisfallen supposedly required complete renovation as it had lay derelict for quite some time. It made €2.250m in December 2010, a month before the sale of Trefleur. Innisfallen only made 15% less than Trefleur despite the fact that it has 0.65acres less of a site and was in an absolute state.

A reduction in 15% off Brynogue’s selling price would mean a c. 2.93m selling price for Cooldrinagh, if we were to apply the same logic. It isn’t that simple though, as obviously Brynogue is substantially bigger. I reckon that Cooldrinagh will get over €3m. How much over, I don’t know - that depends on whether someone falls in love with it or not. It is certainly one of a kind.

Not sure I follow the math there ?

Are two Altmors equal to one Cooldrinagh ?

Brynogue is 50% more land and 50% more house for same price ?

You may have a better feel then I - is there any record what is was bought for ?

I would say it is worth almost double what Altmor is worth, yes.

Approx selling prices of Cooldrinagh:
1955: £4,000
1956: £5,000
1976: £70,000
1989: £400,000
1996: £850,000
1997: £1,200,000
1999: £3,000,000+

The current seller is NAMA’d developer, John Flynn.

Wow - that is very interesting - a mine of information as always SoCoDu - much appreciated

Where did you get that data ?

Would you say that c 1999-2000 is where other major Dublin houses are transacting ?

Brighton Road is about two minutes to the M50, so if you were CEO/MD of a business with premises in Ballymount etc. this location would make a lot more sense than D6.

Interesting reading, thanks SoCoDu. :smiley:

To echo an earlier point, if you’re buying a pad like this in Foxrock you’re unlikely to be hitting the N11 at 7:45am with the hoi polloi.