WIW Anstice Lodge, Military Road, Killiney, County Dublin.

Anstice Lodge, Military Road, Killiney, County Dublin, A96KF50
€2,200,000 - 4 Bed Detached House 300 m² to 290 m² For Sale (0.24 acres)

Sightly unusual house and site structure here (see link from their last DLR planning application for layout).
Sits just at the entrance to the small Ash Hurst (Ash-Hurst) housing estate off Military Road.
Listed in their past DLR plannings as a 0.096 ha site (or just under 0.24 acres).
PS why don’t all agents put the site map in their listings (especially for complicated / bigger sites ??).

There is certainly a real charm about this house (light filled lofts, big windows, open plan but cosy, nicely fitted out etc.).
And the intimate south facing gardens should make it a very attractive young family home.
Not fully sure re the color (need to see), but I understand the “Hamptons” idea which I think they do okay on.

I think however they have pushed too hard on the asking.
At 2.2m for a 3,000 sq ft house, with 4 bedrooms, on a 0.24 acre Killiney site, it would need to be perfect.
Galleen (c. 2,700 sq ft on 0.4 acres off Marino Avenue) surprised all (+me), when it went for 2.2m in 2014.
However I think Galleen was almost perfect being:

  • set into Marino Avenue, which is very private (unlike Anstice Lodge which is right on Military Road).
  • a very beautiful unique period house (lovely balconies, arts & crafts etc.).
  • a lovely 0.40 acre garden beautifully planted.
  • great sea-views, from even the garden level (the holy grail in Killiney).
  • house and gardens got the east morning light, and much of the evening west light (another holy grail in Killiney).
    2.2m was still a full price for Galleen (+3m an acre), but when things are right, a rich buyer can have what they want.
    I just can’t see Anstice Lodge however getting to the same level of cache / desire from a such a buyer?

I would have put it up for 1.90m, which is still a full figure for a 4 bed, 3,000 sq ft house, on 0.24 acres on Military Road.
(that is still comfortably 4m an acre).
Houses in the actual Ash Hurst estate (Anstice sits at the entrance to the Ash Hurst estate), are going for c. 1.5m, but:

  • were all on bigger plots of land.
  • are off the main road.
  • were all also in very good condition (or if not, like #5, had lots more land).
    The Ash Hurst houses are not as pretty as Anstice Lodge, and it is an estate, however 1.5m vs. 2.2m is a big gap, imho.

In contrast, for a 10% increase in Anstice’s asking, you are pretty much at nearby Hillside’s asking:

  • c. 4,600 sq ft of house (+ additional 700 sq ft. coach house).
  • also in great internal condition (at least same standard as Anstice, if not slightly higher).
  • on 1 acre land (vs. 0.24 for Anstice).
  • on a Killiney Hill Road address (but set back from the road).
  • with great sea-view from the back garden (not sure re house).
    Again, it is a big stretch for Anstice to be asking just 10% under Hillside, and Hillside has been on market for almost a year.

As posted before, big askings are NOT a no-regrets move ("sure we’ll stick it up, and we’ll see what we get).
When they get called-out, the inevitable price reduction still leads to no sales (because the initial asking was so big).
Thus leaving them stagnate even longer, further eroding bidder confidence, and leading to more reductions.
Often, the end sales price is actually quite a good deal, as bidders, wrestle with “what do I not know” issue, and bid accordingly.

Anstice Lodge, Military Road, Killiney, County Dublin, A96KF50
€1,950,000 - 4 Bed Detached House 300 m² / 3229 ft² For Sale C3 (0.24 acres)

Price drop to 1,950,000