WIW - apartment in Castlepark Court, Castlepark Road, Dalkey


2 bed, 872 sq. ft., asking 285K - any thoughts?

Thanks as always

Are there any management fees? Doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the ad.

I am guessing yes although god knows how much they are :slight_smile:

It’s in a good location and looks reasonable well finished. 872 sq ft is not a bad size for a 2-bed apt; you’d get a similar area in a townhouse or mews-style 2-bed. However, the guts of 300k still seems a bit steep. I’m not as familiar with the apartments market as I am with houses and I think if you look at something like this:
you just get so much more, thanks to the outdoor space.

So I’m saying high 100s to low 200s, maybe to €230k at most. I’d happily be corrected by anyone with a keener eye on the apartments market in that general area of SCD.

The two areas are not comparable. Dalkey is more exclusive, more expensive, and has fewer properties come on the market, almost none in this price bracket. Loathe as I am to say it, I think that they are probably not too overpriced given the location and the finish. It’s also a fairly short walk to the dart from the Dalkey apartment. They’d be a lot more expensive if they all had sea views.

After seeing the management fees on this one: myhome.ie/residential/brochure/1a-coliemore-coliemore-road-dalkey-dublin/1760990
I’d be asking about management fees though.

All previous tenants were kicked out of this place not so long ago and the block was sold as one lot. Can’t remember if it was receivers doing the selling. I’ll see if I can check it out.

Didnt live in them myself, but apartments themselves seemed pretty good. Decent finish. Not too noisy. Shop across the road, Glenageary DART around the corner, Killiney Hill and Dalkey village close by. Think parking was limited.

ETA: Just noticed:

So I guess it wasn’t sold as one lot in the end, and the receivers are selling the apts individually now.

Receivers are getting higher prices by selling individually.

Expect to pay approx €2k in management charges as this looks like a nice block.

Cast a glance at them on my way past tonight. The receiver has a big sign outside. Only thing I have against some of these apartments is that the block is on a very acute bend between Castlepark and Barnhill roads, and the corner of the block is right above the roundabout. The first floor apartments facing out onto Barnhill Road might not feel very private (and I hope they’re well soundproofed). I felt I could nearly reach out and touch their balconies from the roundabout. And I reckon the number 59 bus passengers would be looking right in on you at point blank range.

No 1 & No 5 Sale Agreed

Let’s see what the database has to say about these!

I enquirer recently about these apts,2 weeks trying to view,then informed by ea ,offer of 250000 had been accepted,think they were both purchased by same person/company-me thinks strange goings onc :exclamation: