WIW - Apartment in Youghal, Co. Cork

I know this website has a lot of Dubliners, so you may not know how much something in Cork might be worth. But to give you an idea, Youghal is a fairly big town in Cork, on the sea and about a 35 min drive to Cork on OK road (so there is scope for the road to get better in the future and the distance shortened).


That’s it on daft. I’ve been reading a lot and understand that it’s all about how much someone is willing to pay for something. All that aside, is an apartment like this likely to drop further? It was recently dropped €10k. I’m a FTB, would be looking to live here long term. The sea view is the most important thing, I don’t mind about space (babies not in the plan).

Any opinions would be appreciated! I can’t find it on any of the property websites that say how long a site has been listened for. If anyone can find it I would be grateful for that! Cheers

Hey Aerai,
don’t worry, I know Youghal! I also know that the industry there isn’t what it was; Cork commuters will not be as willing to buy there as before

Just wondering what this rents for?

I’d be fairly sceptical, towns like Youghal, Dungarvan and Middleton have more than enough houses and as for Castlemartyr!
while babies may not be in your plan you should pick a place you’d be happy with for a long time - to me that means house or apartment in a better development.

Last time I was in Ardmore I couldn’t believe the number of holiday homes there; they don’t all have a sea view but they’re close to really decent beach (even if the water was iffy a while ago?).

My advice wait, or at least look around at comparable towns






my point: Loads of availability

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I know Castlemartyr well and it’s many many houses!

I won’t be buying in the next 12 months anyway. I’m one of those who believe the worst has yet to come. But this one really caught my eye and it was the first property that I felt was worth the money, to me.

For a lot of the ones that say sea views you have a slight glimpse of the sea if you crane your neck and look to the left of your neighbours house. I likes the total sea view with this one. But if global warming comes along I might be minus an apartment. Rents seem to be from €450 to €650 in the area.

I really don’t think I want a house as I travel a lot and find apartments warmer to come back to after an absence, and don’t have to worry so much about safety. This might work in my favour as if everyone else wants a house I might eventually get a great deal on an apartment!

Edit: Just found that exact apartment for rent for €105/week: daft.ie/searchrental.daft?id=950765

Wonder no more…'tis the same place


At €105 per week (assuming you can get it) a 7% gross rental yield would make it worth €78k.

However service charges will eat into a small annual rent like €5460. you might need a 10% or 12% gross yield to make it worth the hassle.

WIW? less than €50k.

Wow. If I could get it for that I would be a very happy camper! 8DD

I wouldn’t be renting it anyway, but I see the relevance of the rent yield comparison either way. In fact, it may be a concern of mine if all my neighbours are seasonal owners/renters - don’t want to be on my own there in December.

Best thing would probably be to rent it for a year - spend €5k on rent (less if I can get a lodger for the other room) and then hope the price falls by more than €5k in that time.

Knock another 25% off for being located in a murder hot spot.

breakingnews.ie/ireland/man-foun … 89231.html

fair enough about sea views;

however the design is rather poor over all; was it a section.23 etc? I believe Youghal had some

Youghal in the depths of winter wouldn’t be the most appealing IMHO - Dungarvan is amore vibrant town with sea side apartments though I understand the design of “Harbour Bay” etc (what a stupid name!) isn’t great either

Aren’t there lots of proper old style houses in Youghal that would still have proper sea views? Old B&B type houses though I guess they would be a lot more expensive

Yes, a lot more expensive. I think I saw some for about €450k. I really don’t want a big house. Grew up in one and it was always cold.

Thanks for all the replies so far, really giving me some food for thought.

LOL, what’s with you and ‘murder hot spots’?

I know this one isn’t quite Youghal and is more an investment but it pretty cheap and is looking on to beach. They’ll be giving em away down there eventually!


Yes, I’ve looked at them but from what I’ve heard you can’t stay in them at all. They are purely for investment. So you give a hotel €40k for an apartment and they rent it out from what I see and you get some of the money from it! Would take quite a while to make the €40k back I’d say!

But thanks! I would love anything with a view in East Cork, doesn’t have to be Youghal.