WIW - Ard Soluis, King Edward Road, Bray


Another up for sale now on King Edward Road:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ow/3676117
Silverdale, King Edward Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow
€1,800,000 - 5 Bed Detached House 370.8 m² / 3991 ft² For Sale

Was for rent in 2014 for €5,000/mo


It seems with Silverdale having come onto the market the owners of Kylemore are trying to offload quickly with a price drop from €1,400,000 to €1,250,000 after just a month and a half. (-10.7%)

Also, a house rather similar to Silverdale (exterior-wise, anyway), Ard Na Greine, which has been languishing on the market for years now (must be at least 4 or 5 anyway) had a sign saying “Under Offer” on it for a few weeks and is now finally sale agreed, much to the relief of the owners I’d imagine.

With Ard Soluis, Silverdale, Kylemore and Ard na Greine being up for sale/selling/under offer, it leaves just half of the 8 period houses on this road in happy ownership. With the exception of Ard Soluis, the remaining 4 houses - Cambrae, Alderbrook, Glendair and Edgewood - are the best looking in my opinion, with the latter 3 on large SW facing sites and Cambrae on the road’s largest site at 2.27 acres with a strong screen of huge mature trees along the roadside to keep it private.

Interesting to see where the “Bray high-end market” will end up with these 4 houses. (if there exists such a market!)


Ard na Greine, as mentioned above, eventually sold in September for €900,000 per PPR - it only took about 5 years, give or take. :smiley: It also only achieved a mere €40,000 more than Robin Hill, a fairly standard mid-20th C looking house with odd porthole windows on ~0.2 east-facing acres which sold in January. It also only achieved €100,000 more than Deelish, a small, fairly unassuming (read: bland) bungalow on ~0.4 south-west-facing acres which sold in 2015 and is now undergoing renovation and extension at the hand of Brazil Associates Architects. It would appear then that Bray buyers (on King Edward Road, at least) are shunning period properties in favour of 20th C ones which they can rework much more easily.

And to follow up my previous reply, Kylemore has dropped further, further underlining the seeming unwillingness of buyers to fork out for period projects in Bray: Kylemore, King Edward Road, Bray: -€75,000 (6% off previous and 16% off original asking).

Ard na Greine was a larger house, larger site and on the “better” side of the road - both in terms of orientation and the fact that the other side has 2 housing estates on it, yet sold for over €200,000 less than the owners of Kylemore seek.

No moves yet on Ard Soluis, Silverdale.


A new offering on the road has brought my interest back to King Edward and Ard Soluis once more:

Edgewood, King Edward Road, Bray - €1,000,000

In my opinion, a very ‘liveable’ home in comparison to Ard Soluis (now reduced to €1,300,000).

5 beds, 3 baths and needing complete refurb throughout. The particulars helpfully highlight in caps that it is “NOT a protected structure”, despite their lauding of its period features… Overall a beautiful home with a fantastic (and large) SW-facing plot. However, given the slow movement of other period houses on the street, as above, it remains to be seen what will happen.

Kylemore, mentioned above, eventually sold for €1,050,000, however in my eyes Edgewood is a better buy.

It remains to be seen how this will go, but I feel the market for expensive period homes in Bray hasn’t recovered so drastically to shift all of these.


Ard Soluis is back on the market again for 1.3m.


What’s the catch (apart from being listed). There has to be something horribly, horribly wrong with it, surely?


A beautiful house but they’re looking for 3K on top of what they paid in 2016. Seems to have new bathrooms/kitchen but I assume this is a protected structure so there’ll be no carbuncle extensions.

If this was in D4/D6 it could reach 5 Million but Bray never gets close to 2 M. They are looking to beat the top price on the road which has just been achieved by Edgewood (1.25M., 0.55 M. below the original asking).

A comparable neighbour’s house got just over 1 M. in 2017



Ard Soluis is no longer on the market but there’s no indication it has sold. I passed by the other day and there was no sale sign.

Nothing in Bray has sold for more than €1.25 M. except a couple of development sites. It has some really fine houses that merit attention and upkeep. King Edward Road is really beautiful in the Autumn.

Surely this splendid house will find a buyer?


there really is some incredible value there, if the road was 5 minutes away and fell into killiney you could easily double the prices maybe more. that said anyone buying a listed period house in need of full restoration needs access to a lot of spare cash.


Fair point about Killiney but Ard Soluis wouldn’t be exceptionally expensive to maintain. It is in excellent decorative order judging by the brochure photos ( no longer online). I think anyone buying this would wish to preserve its heritage and the current layout would seem ideal for a large family - spacious rooms and glorious gardens. It was designed by one of Ireland’s leading Architechs, Sir Thomas Manley Deane, as his private residence.