WIW Avila, York Road, Dun Laoghaire

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What´s up with this house?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/2620108

Seems surprisingly good value for DL specially in comparison to Trafalgar down the road, a bit more house and garden but a LOT more expensive… yet Avila failed to sell at auction with an AMV of 550k. It needs a good bit or work inside the house and it will take some money to incorporate the anex into the main house and upgrade the BER, and garden is not huge either but not a bad size. Two terrace houses sold on this road recently for around 550k. 23 Cambridge terrace is a lot bigger but on 4 stories (lots of space wasted on stairs and landings) and no parking at the front, just wehicular access onto the rear garden, also, it´s terraced…

Avila seems like good value to me so what´s up with it? I don´t know this area very well, what´s it like? And what would be fair value for this house?

I know it’s petty, but I can’t stand the windows in Avila (I walk by this house regularly). But I think the auction route was a bad idea from the start and it will sell for close to that asking.

Trafalgar house down the road is priced like the bust never happened. It will never sell at 1.3m. It won’t even sell at 950k.

The heat seems to be going out of Blackrock, DL, Glenageary, and South County Dublin in general. A good few stickies around these areas. Perhaps because they were so overpriced to begin with?

Close to the 550 amv or close to the 600 asking?

I think it needs a bit of cash to make sense of the existing layout (annexe, spiral staircase in the main living area/hall) and it’s NE to the rear - if you look at site on Google Maps the house seems to cast huge shadow over rear garden. BUT on the face of it I think you are getting a lot of house and garden…

Puesyo - intersted in your comment, I had just posted a comment on this earlier today:


Somewhere between the two seems about right to me. It might have got more if they hadn’t failed at auction.

Well Trafalgar, Avila and 8 Park Lane aren’t exactly flying off the shelves. Hillcourt Park in Glenageary is after dropping the price, then there’s the four price drops in Blackrock that you mention and I’ve noticed a couple of stickies in Fosterbrook in Booterstown too. All along the coastline, coincidentally enough… It doesn’t seem too bubly.

The sign outside says “Sold” now.

Sold for €600,000 13/01/14

Very strong price considering it could do with a lot of work in redecoration / layout and it’s located right beside a derelict. Well done to them. New owners: please change those windows if you’ve anything left over!