WIW Balrothery Estate, Tallaght

104 Balrothery Estate Tallaght…€280,000

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -24/128284

Your expert opinions please :slight_smile:

Have you considered bidding for one of the old Ballymun flats as an alternative ?

Don’t touch this at any price.

Really? Why? I thought Balrothery was a nice area of Tallaght and this house looks decent enough, no? Just interested why you wouldn’t touch this at any price, thanks!

Well if you drive -don’t park your car -there is no such thing as a nice area in Tallaght -it is a testament in its entirey to the fact that local government and the construction has been utterly corrupt for at least half a century. Tallaght in its entirey is about the complete lack of any planning and the destuction of Irish society - and the landscape below the Dublin foothills. Buy this and it will be the biggest mistake of you life and probably irreversible.

Should anyone pay €280,000 for this it is an indication that they need psychiatric tretament and if they don’t already -they soon will.

Nice concise informative response.

In the not too distant future Tallaght will be a much cheaper place to buy property in.

280,000 is far too much to pay for a semi detached house anywhere in Tallaght.

Balrothery is an ok part of Tallaght but the best part is Old Bawn. Lots of decent so-called middle-class families in the estate and its never had a rough element. Unfortunately Tallaght is probably never going to lose the bad reputation it has regardless of the fact that the majority of people who live there are decent people. A few really dodgy estates have given the whole population of over 100k a bad name. People who say there is no such thing as a decent part of Tallaght just haven’t visited the decent estates or know anyone from these areas. You’ll have no problem parking your car in places like Balrothery and Old Bawn :slight_smile:

This is in Old Bawn and is cheaper than the one you’re looking at - they are good solid 4 beds. These were going for over 500k at peak.


Personally I think this is relatively good value when compared to some other houses for sale in much dodgier areas of Dublin. Will it be cheaper in 5 years time? Most definitely. When the anti-Tallaght sentiment was rife in the early 80s houses in this estate were selling for 19k…

€50k is an above average salary for Dublin.

This property is asking between 5x and 6x that amount.

Banks are unlikely to give as much as 5x to most borrowers.

This property is in Tallaght.

The price is 40% - 50% too high.

(See, you play the ball, not the man.)

The house is not worth 280k, it is probably worth more in the region of 140-160k and that is where it will end up.

Balrothery is an ok estate, only let down by its proximity to Tymon North (though so is Bancroft and that would be considered a nice area).

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Balrothery is a nice estate, as is Bancroft and Old Bawn. There’s lot of good estates in Tallaght, I think LL is being completely OTT.

OTT response all right. There’s plenty of good and bad parts in Tallaght. That particular estate I dont know much about, but I would also guess that its proximity to Tymon isnt a bonus.

You would pick up a house in Belgard or Kingswood for that price. Springfield too, its not as nice as the others but great for schools.

77k no more no less

Yea, completely agree. Not from Tallaght, but have been living in Old Bawn for past 2 years and it is really nice. Bancroft, Balrothery, Glenview, Walkinstown are all nice, safe places to live. Tallaght is unfortunate that there are kips like Jobstown & Killinarden there, bringing down the whole area.

Amenities wise, it is as good as most places in Ireland - large shopping centre, a few large parks, pitches, Luas & bus depot, near M50, library, theatre etc.

But yea, 280k is probably overpriced still. Knock 15% off and it’d be ok. As other posters have mentioned, there may be a long way to fall

Ballycullen now starting to come on line at sub 300k:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -24/213543

I think in today’s market the Balrothery one should probably be asking 240 with a hope of getting 220. 280 is way off scale.

How about this one. €299,000
21 Parkhill Way, Kilnamanagh, D.24
Detached 3 bed, 2 bath, attic conversion, 5 mins to LUAS



Balrothery is right next to Tymon North, I would not feel safe leaving my car parked on a drive anywhere near that place. House itself is quite small and quite frankly I would rather just have a bigger house than a “granny flat”.

€280,000 is almost certainly too expensive for that house.

that house in kilnamanagh looks great but instead of a neighbour you’ve got a great big bloody pylon beside it.has dropped 50k since coming on the market last summer.

**Yep, ye gotta check out the aerial photos, never know whats close by.
I don’t know if it’s the case with this particular line but some transmission lines
make a buzzing noise that can be very irritating also the tumors can be a real a turn off. :slight_smile:

Microsoft Bing Maps.**

104 Balrothery Salee Agreed according to Myhome

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -24/128284