WIW Bank House, Hazelhatch,, Celbridge

Am I going crazy, could this be approaching some kind of value? Location would suit me, a decent size with a little character.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … dge/139082

Any thoughts or info appreciated.


Compare and contrast.

Updating the price drop thread for this house: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=36339&p=500622#p500622
Opening a new thread as well, any interest to declare?

Ah paranoia!

Afraid I’ve no interest to declare. I am from the locality so it might could suit me but I will not be paying 450k for it. It is the first place in the area that is within my price range that might be of interest.

Just wondering how far do Pinsters think the place will drop to. Is 300k realistic?

Thanks hadn’t seen that one. I’ve always wanted to own a bar!

Andy Grove, ex-CEO of Intel had a motto of “Only the paranoid survive”, I think that is a pretty good motto to live one’s life by :smiley:

No, not paranoid at all, just wondering if you had an undisclosed interest in the property. I thought that it was interesting that the same property was linked to, on two separate threads, on the same day, by the same person. Damn, maybe I am paranoid.

I saw your update on the price drops thread, bankhouse. Are you still interested now that it has dropped below 300k or has your internal valuation instinct dropped too?

Its a lovely part of the world. very scenic, nice nature, barges etc…I love going to that area.
Cars beep their horns going over that bridge…all the time. There is a pub across the road. There probably is a large rat population with the people on the barges leaving rubbish out, plus its not that practical, being maybe equidistant to celdbridge or newcastle.

Suddenly 300k looks like a lot of money 8DD

It’s a fine house for that money, IMO. It’s not my part of the world, but the combination of rural/canal/train station must be enough to tempt someone in.

Rats might be an issue beside a canal, so get a terrier.

Pub across the road - great for socialising

Cars beeping - you’d get used to it.

Rats an issue…nonsense!

If you have nothing useful to say then walk on by!

I did have something useful to say: “so get a terrier”.

It’s amazing how that happens isn’t it. 8) Especially when the house would realistically require a lot of work, imo.

This is now down all the way to 250k. Surely must be something seriously amiss here? Been on market for yonks.

I think the only thing that is seriously amiss is serious flood defences!
It’s too close to the river for my liking and there doesn’t seem to be any room to accommodate even a small rise in the water level.

Life jacket ahoy! :open_mouth:

Just to add, picture 18 seems to suggest that the house is actually below the level of the water. . . . . .

In light of the freaky flooding in recent years . . .would ya??? :neutral_face:

Not pedantry. By definition there isn’t a natural fall that brings rainfall not the canal, doesn’t mean it won’t overflow but only for the locks the water level would naturally be lower.

Perhaps a waterways Ireland engineer would explain in proper detail if one were interested in the house

For what it’s worth, I lived in Celbridge a few years ago and drove over this canal bridge everyday to work. Even when the Liffey was seriously flooding I saw no signs whatsoever of flooding around the canal. I’d say you should be more worried about trying to get over the bridge there in the snow…lethal :slight_smile:

I used to enjoy a walk along the canal at the Hatch especially in the winter and one day as I was strolling along the canal with the nearly frozen over water I noticed ahead that the Gaurds had the place closed over or wrapped up I heard what the deal was from a local and I looked into the Icy water and never went back.
So I suppose knowing the history of the area I could not live there and no property near it has any price that I would contemplate purchasing no matter how low.
That is just me and each to their own.