WIW- Barclay Court Blackrock, County Dublin

What are the following worth in the current market?

www.myhome.ie/3072639 63 Barclay court asking 550k
www.myhome.ie/3223574 79 asking 595k (down from 625).

Obviously number 79 is a nicer house. Number 25 www.myhome.ie/3160375 went sale agreed after the price fell to 495k.

Well they were going for over 600k last year:

propertypriceregisterireland.com … lay_court/

Yeah, I know… 600+ seems mental. The nicer one up now tried to get 625 and dropped the price.

Family friendly estate in a great location.

At the very bottom of the market these were selling for €420k.

A lot of renting going on there, if I recall. Perhaps they are supposed to appeal to investors as well as families.

To my mind they’re both a little too close to comfort to Saint Louise’s Park, for 550k+.
independent.ie/irish-news/ne … 43660.html
independent.ie/irish-news/tw … 46226.html
independent.ie/irish-news/co … 17838.html

You’d probably have no problems, but the next buyer will have Google as well. :open_mouth:

There’s one of the same size, and close on price as number 63 in Carysfort Park here:
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/3176518
Been on the market for a while, this one. Obviously a better location, too (they don’t come much better).

What’s St Louises park? Halting site?

So if they are 420 at the bottom, an increase of 42% (I think that’s what it peaked at last year?) bring us just under the 600… what about now? If the sale agreed one reached 490 any thoughts on getting 550k at 490 or is that a bit wishful?

Yep. Though that hasn’t stopped that estate from getting good prices in the past.

You never know how it might go now we’re in July and they’re not sale agreed. Maybe the new mortgage rules might take a bite and lowball bids might have to be considered. Nothing ventured…etc.

There was one for sale backing out on Frascati Road recently - would be interesting to know what happened with that.

That’s the one I was talking about that’s sale agreed. I think it went at 490

Sorry - I did read your OP then promptly forgot it!

Not much to choose from between those two houses. BER is worse on number 25, but I’d rather a north facing garden backing onto the road than an east-facing one all-but backing onto St Lou’s Park. YMMV, however. There’s a case that 550k might be asking a lot here alright.

#79 sold on 22-9-15 for €585k (last asking €595k following a drop from €625k)

That sold a good while after number 25 and number 25 is not up on the register yet. Wonder if theres a problem with it

#25 sold for €500k 1-9-15 (last asking €495k)

Bargain :-GC