WIW Barretstown Meadows, Newbridge, Co. Kildare

hello long time reader first time poster,I am looking for your opinions on the value of these the Maple 4 bed detached estate is i would say less than 50% sold

cheers in advance

To be honest, they’re not worth much.

In a few years, maybe €150,000, probably not though. At the moment they shouldn’t be asking anymore than €225,000

Wasn’t there a thread on here yesterday about this estate, or did you post the same question on boards A&P? Either that, or I’m going mad.

Half occupied estates are not a good option I don’t think - as they go on unoccupied the whole area around the empties deteriorates.

As an aside, I’m amused that the developer chose a Land Rover and a BMW as the fakey cars in the artist’s impression of a bog standard legoland-esque estate in a bog standard town in a commuter county.

Actually, I’m even uncomfortable at 150K, it’ll deffinetly be less than that. Could even drop into 5 figures during the overshoot

ye i posted on boards and some boardsie advised me to post here

we have 2 landrovers :smiley:

I meant Range Rover, oops, but what harm. But it’s more the mindset of the developer I was amused at like, normally for such things a very generic unidentifiable car is chosen :slight_smile:

ye i know if there was a cloths line in the garden it would be wall 2 wall CK and Burberry :sick:

House prices dropped by the greatest amount for two years in June, according to new figures from the Central Statistics Office.

Prices fell nationally by 2.1% in June, compared to a drop of 1.2% in May and 1.2% in June of last year.

In the year to June prices fell nationally by 12.9%, compared to an annual drop of 12.2% in the year to May.

The greatest drop in the month was in Dublin, where prices fell by 2.4% in June, a 12.6% drop on a year ago.

This means house prices in Dublin are almost 47% lower than at the peak in 2007 while prices in the rest of the country have fallen by almost 39%.

do EA s or developers take these reports into account or is it ostrich mentality

offered slightly south of 200k was rejected flat out the Ea told me the vendor[Andrews Construction ] had dropped the price by 50k bringing them down to 299k and that there might be room for another 5 or 10k are these people living in a parallel universe do they just not understand it i really am confused :confused:

Did EA not mention the bonus of the adventure playground…the rubble and unfinished bits at the rear of the site …(very visible if you pass by train). Far as I know Brophy Farrell in Newbridge still trying to offload these…what planet did you ask ? :angry:

ye i know and my favorite bit from the girl in brophy farrell is she told my sister that Andrews construction are not under presure to sell as they also have a builders providers/hardware what a priceless paradox :unamused:

going the right direction but still a long way to go