WIW Bramley Hill, Old Carrickbrack Road, Bailey, Howth

Bramley Hill, Danesfort Avenue, Old Carrickbrack Road, Baily, Howth, Co Dublin
€3,500,000 - 5 Bed Detached House 420 m² / 4521 ft² (1.1 acres) For Sale

Windgate is catching. The crazy 4m asking price of nearby Windgate House has brought several other Howth owners rushing to the market (they know a good deal when they see one). Windgate is covered in another thread (thepropertypin.com/viewtopic.php?t=60767&p=730182).

Bramley Hill is also right beside Carrick House, Old Carrickbrack Road, Bailey (Carrick is just to its left and behind). Carrick House has almost 3 acres plus a similar sized house and, after a time on the market, went for 2.050m at the end of 2014. Carrick was a prettier period style house but was in a poorer state than Bramley. Bramley however is by no means high-end expensive Tiger construction. Bramley is of the late 1990s style and will need material investment to make it a full modern home.

Bramley Hill however believes it is worth almost 75% more than Carrick.

And this is in a market that has materially fallen off since 2014.

Another prayer for Mark Keenan’s “Moneybags, foreign buyer” - they are coming, I promise !!