wiw bray co wicklow

Hi i have taking on advice of replies to my last port regarding price of 4 bed house in relation to actual sq footage so have been unsentimental and broadened my house hunt search…My main query is does an attic conversion add much value to house as in does it make houses so much dearer than a normal 3 bed…have found 2 in the same estate in bray with attic conversion so suppose i am wondering what are they actually worth…
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ow/1754335
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ow/1774657

This is a 3 bed in same estate without attic done…


  1. i cant understand why houses in bray are so small. 80 sq m is small for a 3 bed house but this appears to be the norm in Bray
  2. definately still overpriced i really dont see how these are worth more than 150,000.
  3. Attics in general do not add a lot to value of house.

so would i still consider it like i’m bidding on 3 bed house,and work off the 3 bed house price…??..and start with 150000 bid…

Don’t you have to have planning to make an attic space a liveable space?
Not to mention fire safety.

I’d say most of these conversaions don’t have proper planning or fire certs, so they can’t count them. I’d be using that as a bargaining point.

Good point…do i ask ea about whether there was planning permission for the attic conversion?

I’d imagine the EA will look at you blankly, but no harm to run the question through them. Say that your solicitor will be querying it as he/she is fierce picky about these things.

while attic conversions (properly done) don’t add much value; they are v. handy as a playroom if you have kids. no. 42 stands out to me as it has the corner space which you could extend into if needed.

was thinking same about no 42…looks ready to walk into so not much work needing done initially which is bonus…plus back garden is well maintained…how much would you think is its real selling price…??..putting in mortgage application this week with aib so hopefully can start the viewing process…which i have never done before…what should i be looking for when viewing and asking about…total newbie to this…we have 3 kids so i think buying a 3 bed wit attic done is the cheapest way of purchasing a 4 bed house…

Anyone know/care to comment on the area (Eglin Heights)?

42 defintely has the most potential the garden to the side is great… :smiley:
Go to viewings… you’d be surprised what you like and don’t we thought we loved a particular house went to see it and the estate was grubby… and a bit run down the neighbours didn’t seem to take any pride in their houses or gardens etc and it really showed.

Organise 2 or 3 for a Saturday morning you’ll get a feel for it and also you can see if there are any other people viewing the same house.

EA will always say there is alot of interest and the sellers are about to close on the current offer… DON’T jump into it!
But to get in contact with the EA in the area is good too… means they might contact you before a house goes on myhome or daft and you could be the first to see it and put your offer in :slight_smile:

Anyone know/care to comment on the area (Eglin Heights)?..

If anyone had any info on area would be great…Before we hand in forms to aib would people advice using bank direct or is it easier to go through broker,are aib giving out loans?..partner 11 years in same job,paying 1050 rent and saving 400pm into savings,banking with aib over 20 years,no credit card or loans outstanding,earns 47,500 with average 4500 overtime and yearly bonus of 1000…

Elgin nice estate. It’s just off n11 greystones exit, past topaz on ur left and then past a garage and graveyard, next turn left. They seem to be smaller than others around the same area. I’m in wheatfield, loads of kids and loads of grass. Ours is 1100 and would prob be same price as Elgin. Wud defo go for attic conversion. Less than 20k to do, no planning required. Can’t sell as a bedroom but could be used as one. With three kids, Elgin rooms are small so they wud prob need a room each!

Any idea one this 3 bed apartment
135k ?
41 The Printworks, Adelaide Villas, Bray, Co. Wicklow


Bedrooms look very odd shape
Could you know bedroom 1&2 into 1 and have a decent 2 bed?

It’s an apartment so lets look at the yield.

Nearest comparison is a 2 bed in same complex for €900 a month so say €1000 for a 3 bed.

€1000 x 12 months / 8% Yield = €150k.
So €135k is a 8.9% yield so it seems like great value.

Things to always consider with apartments:

  1. Management Fee - this can initially be low (as subbed by developer) but can increase substantially once all units are sold. I see the management fee is €1,030 which seems a bit on the low side but could be reasonable for low rise apartments with no lifts and lots of units.
  2. Management Company Accounts - check if the management company is solvent and has a sinking fund for future capital repairs.
  3. Parking - are the spaces designated and is there many of them. Is there spaces for people to park if they want to come over for a visit?
  4. Build Quality - can you hear the neighbours through the walls or through the roof?

Personally I think that this looks like a good buy and I can’t really see you losing money on it if you get it for €135k.

Number 42 now sale agreed, did Justmum3 jump in?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ow/1754335

950k Caragh, Sidmonton Rd, Bray

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ow/1976744

Never sold (not in the register), depsite being the Sunday Times “House of the Week”
thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/new … 105450.ece

On the market again asking 1m
daft.ie/sales/caragh-sidmont … 0529/&ea=1