WIW - Church View, Church Road, Greystones


Church View, Church Road, Greystones - €1,300,000, 300 m² area


Charming, if not unloved, period house in Greystones. Main/first floor seems in OK shape except for cosmetic changes, and the triple-bay living room is amazing. The basement/garden level on the other hand needs complete renovation.

At around 100-120m² the garden level would be a €150K+ job all in for a high spec refurb. bringing you to a cushy €1.45m.

The gardens and drive are nice too, bringing you back nicely from this road which can be heavily-trafficked. Is it worth €1.3m in its current state though…? We’ll have to see, but given the inability of houses like this, this or this to shift in a hurry in a similar price bracket in the town it’ll be interesting to see where this heads. If this sells for on or near asking in its condition it’ll say a lot about the linked houses’ askings.

Irish Times article on same.


This caught my eye too and will be interested to see what it goes for.

Nice big garden that looks good in the photos but I’d worry that it is a little hemmed in by development on all sides. The housing estate at the back looks very close.

I think the house is lovely but you’d need to spend a good bit more than €150k - as well as garden level refurb, I’d want to reconfigure bed room layout upstairs, and upgrade windows and heating etc and try improve BER. I’d guess closer to €300k.

At the current asking, by the time you’d finish, I think you’d be investing comfortably over €1.6m in total.

For that sort of money I’d personally prefer a genuine Burnaby house; for the same money, I think you’d get something a similiar size with a better layout, albeit possibly a smaller site but one that felt more open as your neighbours have similiar sized plots.


Bars on the windows. How close to Bray is it? :smiley:


I think that’s a big point here - if this house sells for anywhere near the asking it’ll raise a lot of questions about the pricing of similar Burnaby houses. I thought it felt a bit hemmed in too, but then again it has that strange sliver of garden running against the housing estate.

Never mind Bray, you’d need bars on the windows living so close to crooks like Seany Fitzpatrick in Greystones :angry:


It’s the Kindlestown Massive you’d be wary of here. Tame by all accounts.


What kind of questions? Stuff in the Burnaby like-for-like should go for more than this but Craglands, for instance, is priced around the same. Middleton is a damp-reeking place with poky rooms upstairs and down so will sit there forever at that price. I gather little interest in it to date

Take this on the edge of the Burnaby-but-not-Burnaby. 3500 sq ft period semi-d with a north aspect. Put 70K into Church View and you’d have the same kind of quality as Rostellan (which recently sold at €1.1mil) but a much, much better house.



Church View and Craglands, for example, are both near enough 300sq m Edwardian period properties with Craglands on 0.6 acres in the more desirable Burnaby and Church View on 1 acre but not in the Burnaby. Both need a fair amount of work cosmetic or otherwise to be up to standard. Church View has a less standard 1-to-2-stories-over-basement compared to the regular 2-story-no-basement of Craglands. Craglands even has some development potential if the eventual buyers want to ruin their garden, whereas the setback drive of Church View makes its acre just space and garden.

I know I’d prefer Church View as a personal preference, but the factors there (and the ‘prestige’ of the Burnaby) make Craglands worth more than it as I see it, yet there’s only €90k in the difference in the askings, with Craglands lingering on the market for some time now.

I think both are overpriced at the end of the day though XD


I agree with Barmiest Loon, there’s no way 150k is enough. Read between the lines of the ad. It makes no mention of condition at all.


It is not a busy road. And it is very well set back from it.


Hi York, when you say damp-reeking place “Middleton” do you mean Merriton as I am looking that house. Any info appreciated