WIW Clonliffe Square

Hi Folks,

Would appreciate your views on the following property.


Thanks in advance

Pity the second bedroom is so small - I’d find it hard to classify it as a double, it’d technicall fit a double bed but you’d nearly have to climb over the end to get out. Looks like the IKEA kitchen I fancy, but could be the B&Q version I suppose. Any idea of the mgmt fees?

Thanks for that, think the management fees are around 1200

That’s a whole mortgage payment! I actually think as apartments go it looks like a very nice apartment (And I don’t like apartments for owner-occupation in general for various reasons.) - depends on your age/lifestyle whether it would suit. But that second room is at best a spare room you can stick a futon in for occasional guests. I’d be doing price comparisons against one-beds in the area rather than 2. Could be a good downsize/post-separation option. Those fees are very high tho for a one person home.

Also worth checking out the security & crime level in the area. Some parts around there are grand, some not so much. Best person to ask would be a friendly Guard if you know one; I know plenty of people who’ve received honest down-to-earth advice from guards on whether or not particular apartment developments have particular crime problems.

Might be worth popping over around 3pm on Sunday to see what access is like on a big match day