WIW Cooldrinagh, Kerrymount, Foxrock, Dublin

I don’t know- if I owned this and I saw that someone had forked out €2.75m for Mangerton then I’d consider my asking price of €3.5m to be realistic - it’s a bigger site, better house, better road, etc., etc I think the real question on this one is whether it’s really for sale or not? They’ve been messing around for years now- I don’t know how any buyer could consider them credible sellers at this stage, they seem to be total time wasters with their raising and dropping prices, pulling it off the market and back on a few months later. It’s a joke.

When the Mangerton buyer sees Windermere’s and Hillside’s sale price, they will realise how much they overpaid.
(paying the Sherry Fitzgerald asking price, in Co. Dublin at the high-end (i.e. outside city), is asking to be screwed).
This must be an Irish bank and its Irish owner, who is giving them the run around (for years now).
(the non-Irish banks would have stopped this long time ago, and gone to auction for best bids).
Eventually even the Irish bank will get tired of this game.
The agent will eventually be changed (probably DNG), and it will get sold in a few months for between 2.7-3.1m.
(we had another example of this a few months ago on 70 Ailesbury Road, also with DNG vs. SF).
SF are a little more prone to “going native” with the Irish owner, for Dublin high-end (as some funds are finding out).

Now with DNG at €2.75M - myhome.ie/residential/broch … 18/4270684