WIW Courtown Park Kilcock

Hi all,

First time poster, long time lurker but looking for opinion on this house.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … re/2627603

Was up in the past for over 500k (i know that means nothing but maybe the sellers need out or summit)

Only up a week and EA says there is an offer of 275 in, would you normally expect an offer so close to the asking to go in so soon?

What do ye think?

Just bumping this if anyone has any opinion on it.

I don’t know Kilcock very well - is this house correctly placed on the map? Seems a bit away from the village if it’s that side of the motorway (which I’m guessing it isn’t). In any case, how easy is to get to shops, schools etc?

Otherwise, it’s a fine big house with a nice extension. Garden looks good - especially given that they’ve extended into it - but is it overlooked by the house behind? It’s not clear from the photos.

We’ve been looking in Maynooth which is nearby (as you know!) but has a bigger village and busier train line. Something like this house would probably get close to 400k (based on a house in Parklands, Maynooth, which - to my shock/horror - was at 405k last time I checked. Certainly get less floor space for your money in Maynooth but, as ever, it’s a balancing act.

What other areas would be comparable? I’ve a family member who bought a 4-bed detached house in Ratoath for 280k recently but it’s nowhere near as big as the one you’ve posted.

Have a look at the PPR if you haven’t already. Prices are a bit all over the place in Kilcock. There’s a large-looking 4-bed in Royal Meadows which went for 245k last month. Not sure how that estate compares with Courtown Park but it’s a big difference. Maybe an offer closer to that would be in order to test the water?

I’ve friends in Kilcock, one of whom commutes to Dublin city centre without much complaint. They love their neighbours and the area in general. If you do that kind of trip every day it could get on your nerves over the years, like any commute. But if you work locally or on the edge of Dublin (M50) and are otherwise happy with Kilcock in the long term then best to go have a look. And let us know how you get on!

The directions make the house look far from the town. It’s not. If you come in through Maynooth, go over the canal bridge and it’s the last estate at the roundabout. Very central.

The house is nice. However, there are only 5 like it in the estate. All the other houses are dated and of poor aesthetic design. This house looks onto unpleasant looking terraced houses. It is the nicest house in that estate.

The estate next to it has a better quality of overall house and are better value. For example, see Royal Meadows.

Positives: The house looks nice and it’s near all the amenities Kilcock has to offer.

Negatives: Appears to be better value in the estate right beside it. The estate itself is dated.

Just out of nosiness joeyr, did you ever go and view this?