WIW Dalkey Sound, Green Road, Dalkey

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … th/2395605

Two houses in a small estate that I think was going to be four houses.

I do like modern houses over period houses however not sure I like the design of this one - outside railings would definately have to go.

Gives the impression of a project that didn’t have the funds to finish off properly and used whatever was to hand.

2.5 seems like the price that the developer has set the agent to see what can be gotten before the bank acts - cannot see this breaking even 2

Has anybody seen the inside of it ?

I love the line in the advert “back garden virtually maintenance free” meaning it can be swept with a small broom without walking outside. What a nice feature.

Oh no, this developer had ALL the money in the world at this time, and the bank wouldn’t dare act against them :wink: The reason being that the developer is a bank. AIB bought the site for €2.7m, which was cut off from Victoria House and built these houses. I wouldn’t buy one personally. Once the third and fourth houses are built, and they will be eventually, it is going to be so claustrophobic in this little enclave and the current views are likely to become nonexistent.

The house in question is actually called ‘Edenroc’, Dalkey Sound, Green Road, Dalkey. Its been rented for years at about €5000-5500 per month. I’m guessing AIB still owns it, but this may not be the case. The houses were marketed off-plan by SF before they were
finished, but that was the only time. This house was asking either €2.2m or €2.5m at the time (I can’t be sure which house was which), so either way this is 2003 pricing, if not 2004 pricing - which is ridiculous.

I have seen it all now - great post SoCoDu.

Just looking at the photos - I’m sure this is pure coincidence, but they have the same doors that you see in parts of Bankcentre (column of small square glass in the centre of the door) - maybe AIB is better at leveraging its resources than we gave it credit for :smiley:

I see houses out there that have set aispirational prices (vs. recent sale of 1 & 3 Shrewsbury Road for example) and as a result have no bids on them - people view but just don’t bother getting involved. This is in contrast to say 1 Leeson Park, where I think there will be a very well attended auction this week and the end price will be certainly above asking.Better strategy in my view.

Sorry to sabotage the post and this probably isn’t possible but would there be any way to put some icon beside posts that signal that the house costs a fortune and is liable to give the average person a heart attack if they follow the link? I recommend using Chilli Peppers in the same way that they use them on Menu’s in restaurants. Up to 250K Euro is one Chilli Pepper. Up to 750K Euro is 2 Chilli Peppers and anything over is 3 Chilli Peppers and liable to cause extreme discomfort to someone that is not accustomed to these things.

I think they have set the pricing way to high for this.
Sits in a small housing estate (with more houses to come) with no real grounds or private garden.
Might have gone for <1.5m in 2011/12, but hard to see it breaking much over 1.7m even in this market.

When you see the word “Dalkey” in a title, think of it as 10 Chilli Peppers!

Both houses at Dalkey Sound are now for sale… really not helping each other out by flinging both on the market at the same time.

€2,250,000 and the same size at c. 4000sqft

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … nd/2512033

You can buy brand new on Wellington Road for less than that.
If they put these on at 1.7m, they would still be waiting to get both away?

Now 1,999,950
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … nd/2512033

Never mind the farce of the neighbouring house (West House or Plot #1 thepropertypin.com/viewtopic.php?p=744386#p744386) on a bigger site asking 2m vs. 2.5m for Plot #2 (this one) …

Hendre in Killiney (around the hill from Dalkey Sound) just sold at auction around the corner yesterday for 2.2m
(+1 acre standalone site + 6,500 sq ft of brand new build + sea views etc.)

Dalkey Sound (Plot 2) is also a new build but 50% of the house on a shared site with West House
The site is less than 0.2 acres (there are two built on the c. 1 acre site and room for two more)

… is there an agent asleep here (or deliberately trying not to sell a house :angry: )

New (or updated) listing for “North House”
daft.ie/sales/dalkey-soundgr … 0790/?ea=1
Asking €2,500,000.00

Ouch. Rental yield of 2.4% at that price wouldn’t attract too many investors.


Edenroc is now on the Property Price Register.

I think it is the middle of the three (hence the No 2).

Appears as 2 Eden Rock for some reason, and classed as Dalkey Harbour instead of Dalkey Sound Green Road ?

PPR Price: € 2,200,000
Date: 07/05/2015

“West House” asking 2.4m
daft.ie/sales/west-house-gre … n/1083267/
Detached House|5 Beds|4 Baths
371.6 Sq. Metres (4,000 Sq. Feet)
€625/sq ft

Rather small kitchen for a €2,400,000 house.

I’m not sure if it’s the ceiling heights or the bad décor or the bad photography, but that house looks a complete mess architecturally.

West House, Green Road, Dalkey Sound, Dalkey, Dublin
€1,950,000 - 5 Bed Detached House 4000 ft² / 371.61 m² For Sale B2

Almost 3 years later and the price drops to 1.95m (from 2.45m to 2.25m to 1.95m).

Also profiled on it’s own thread - thepropertypin.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=61370

As part of any sale, you have to promise to buy the poor new owners of 2 Eden Rock (a.k.a. EDENROC) a stiff drink.