WIW Dolmur, 10 Dunboy, Brighton Road, Foxrock, Dublin 18

Dolmur, 10 Dunboy, Brighton Road, Foxrock, Dublin 18
€2,200,000 - 6 Bed Detached House 356 m² / 3832 ft² For Sale


7 Pear Tree Field deja vu here:

Pure mis-pricing - 2.2m for <4,000 sq ft 1990s build (i.e. 120 sq ft) estate house, on a very small plot off okay Foxrock Road.

Won’t waste time showing the far bigger houses / plots closeby in Foxrock for this pricing (which are not selling).

Better to wait for the same inevitable price reductions we saw on Pear Tree to c. 1.5-1.6m.

I wonder if this will make Pear Tree’s pricing however being a lesser house (i.e. how valuable is the “Tudor” facade).

Would the EA of Dolmur please take his client on a trip to this house, and then have re-visit discussion on pricing.

Might also help if they saw this one too.

Just a thought :angry: