WIW Drayton Lodge, 73 Monkstown Road, Monkstown


So folks, thoughts on this. Is the garden as small as it appears?

4 houses in the back garden and the gate house also appears separate. Wierd - great if you have no kids.

There is no garden, just the patch to the front and the little bit of decking to the side.

Why oh why would you ba$tardise a house like that?

The attached house (as yes, this is a semi-d with no garden asking €1.75m) still has some original garden, i’d say at least half of it anyway, and is infinitely better for it. Tearing the whole garden off a house of this calibre is just ridiculous and it is our fault as there is still some crazy person out there willing to give as much for this home as it would achieve with a garden, there are no negative repercussions for owners!

Does Christy Moore still live in the house next door?

Was asking 1.75m, then 2m in 2013
collapso.net/Sale-Property/p … ?id=712872

Can’t find a sale on the register.

Just dropped 1.85m to 1.795m
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/2974499

Just dropped again to 1.595m


Very funny now to compare with the smaller (site+size) semi-D (not detached) flat roofed mews at the bottom of it’s sister house garden, Granville Lodge, 75 Monkstown Road, Monkstown (a.k.a. Beaupark, Monkstown Road), asking 1.5m ???