WIW Dun laoghaire

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/265750

Looking too much IMO as it is surrounded by ex corpo estates and needs double glazing. insulation/ new kitchen to bring it up to speck. I appreciate any advice!


Mr T

I can’t say really - 300k seems too much but I can’t see it reaching that any time soon.

on another note, the pictures for this place are a disgrace. the e/a should be kicked.

I think it’s asking too much but I haven’t seen the house except in the picture. A friend of mine sold a much ‘better’ house altho only 1250 sq ft, genuinely turn-key condition, very impressive, almost a year ago in a nicer place about a mile or so from there. They got 500k or thereabouts (502K to be precise!). Unless this is in fairly good order I think 380k or so more realistic? I am not an expert obviously but just it looks like it could do with a cash injection to give it a bit more mojo. I hate those slopey ceilings you get in those shaped houses tho myself! Thus wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. Anything with storage in the eaves is a big turn off for me. (Not suggesting other houses are a turn on or anything… ahem)

Is there still a nightclub on the junction of Rose Park and Kill Lane? (distant memory from donks ago).

Nite Club (Ziggy’s) is now an apartment block – who would have thought in this day and age :unamused: ! I’m just glad the dirtiest thing I did in this location was shifting and not mortgaging! Went to school close to here, got christened close to here – dam pesky parents, my head still burns. Have no inclination to live there and certainly not for 440k greenbacks or even half that for this property anyway!

Fire station, Bakers corner pub and 46a close by are a plus (if you’re a pyromaniac alcoholic and don’t have a car :angry: ).

Ahhh yes, Zeigfields.
Also know as ‘The Killing Fields’.

Ah Ziggies/Stabbies- neat dress needed, flick knife essential :stuck_out_tongue: was well known for attracting all the gurriers for miles around who were barred from other more salubrious establishments.

One of the quietest estates around there (they’re all very quiet if truth be told- my ma is 78 and lives down the road and she’d be a spring chicken by local standards. Did the demographics on some of the mature estates/EDs in DLR for my undergrad dissertation and some reached as high as 22% of the popl. over 65 in the 2002 census :open_mouth:

300K max