WIW - Dunloe, Railway Road, Dalkey, Co. Dublin - €495k

3 Bed Semi-D - 1938 ft² - €255.41 / ft
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1808627

gorgeous house, albeit in need of work, fantastic location. This will sell quickly for mid 450’s I suspect.

Saw it on the is this value thread. I really like it, small back garden is the same downside but other than that has a lot going for it, think it will get close to asking too.

seems to be an awful lot of hall space.

No parking. You could knock the front wall if you get planning but that isn’t a given since it’s in the Dalkey heritage area.

Is there not? I thought that was a driveway! That would be disappointing.

went to see it today. The hallway is huge…and the landings. Probably accounts for 20% of the total floor area! Funny layout too. Garden even smaller in real life. Would not pay over 350 for it but am sure someone will.

went to see this today. very busy open viewing. mix of young and quite old people. was very disappointed to see that most of the garden has been sold off to the neighbours on the corner. there is a small yard but when you look out the upstairs windows it’s the neighbours garden that you are looking down into. this is a major drawback for me. the layout is odd, partly because the back half of the house (kitchen, bedroom 1 and bedroom 3, according to their floor plans) sits one meter lower than the corresponding levels in the front half of the house. the roof has a hole in addition to the missing slates visibly dislodged, as seen from vantages outside the house. halls and landings very wide, making up much of the internal floor area. there are some impressive cracks in the corner of the upstairs shower room.

The neighourbood is nice and quiet, the rooms are very well proportioned, even though there are not so many of them, given the size of the house. kitchen needs a lot of work but is functional as is. same for the bathrooms. no parking out front. no rear access. handy for the DART.

some people were clearly there on a second viewing. EA said no offers were in yet.

wild prediction - will sell for 375…

On for €400k AMV now, auction on the 2nd of August.
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/1988918

heard they had an offer of 440k. then i saw that it had gone sale agreed some time ago. must have fallen through.

revising my own wild prediction in current DCB to 415k as the closing price.

I hear this went for 565 today. Interesting.

The madness is returning if someone paid 565 for this!

fucks sake… 565 really?

I thought it looked good for 400k alright and I did expect it to go higher but 565k is a bit mad.

That is mental.

Is there an apocalypse coming or something?

Yeah crazy. It would be very interesting to know what happened at the auction…if anyone has the low-down…

Having looked at this place it appeared to me to be a complete money pit. No true estimate could be made of costs in advance and I wonder if it is in any way a “protected” structure which would only add to costs.

I looked this week at a house in the general neighbourhood of this that I nearly bought last year but pulled out at the end, not specifically because of the money but because being madly busy at work I wouldn’t have had the time to manage the project. It was quickly sold to the next bidder but 12 months on nothing has been done to it and it looks unoccupied and is deteriorating. I wonder if this was an instance of a (very) cash rich purchaser buying with a long term investment framework rather than someone buying to do up and live in or if they ran into difficulties on financing the work.

Why the surprise if some people have the money and really want to live in Dalkey in a property that really appeals to them ?
Pinster argumemnts that buyers should wait until there’s a similar property at half-price mean nothing to someone to whom monetary factors are less important than many other factors -above all , wanting that house in that area today.

It’s less an argument about waiting for a price-drop, more surprise about what someone is willing to pay now. The house needs complete refurbishment - big money. And it will never have any garden other than a patio out back no matter how much is spent on it.

But I guess if someone wants a big house in Dalkey village, doesn’t need a garden, and has close a million euro - then that’s what it takes.