WIW - Dunmara, Strand Road, Killiney, County Dublin

Former home of Gerald Kean and ex wife Clodagh Hopkins on the market for 6m.


Irish Times property porn write up…

how the other half live… 8DD 8DD XX

Dunmara, Strand Road, Killiney, County Dublin, A96 N93
€6,000,000 - 6 Bed Period House 436 m² / 4693 ft² For Sale (1.1 acre)


Like a scene from the “Republic of Telly”

“Sure that feicker in Sorrento House also in a semi-D, on an acre, by the water - who we can see direct from our lawn - got 10m.”

“Exactly, and the other feicker, also in a mock castle on the water on less than an acre, on Coliemore Road, is asking 10m.”

“You said it, and the Sunnyside guy, who also lived by train tracks, but in a smaller gaff and site, got almost 5m.”

“And he could look at the water, but he couldn’t get down to it !.”

“And sure don’t we have DD and CD next door - our safety blanket.”

“Lets just play it safe and put it up for 6m, we’ll get a bidding war going from there.”

“And don’t bother with a big agent and their fees, at 6m, anybody can flog this.”

Dunmara has already made it onto the PIN’s worst value house in Ireland:

There is only one real buyer of this house … and he (and she) live next door (and are very attached to this area, and have done really well in the downturn, and dare I say it, need the space to be able to play their music at full blast).

There is strange dynamic going on in high-end Dublin. In the 1990s, many of Dublin’s most expensive houses were in Killiney and Dalkey (Damon Hill, Jim Kerr, Lochlann Quinn bidding on Sorrento House etc.), where as houses in core D4 & D6 were much less valued. During the tiger era of the naughties, the tables reversed, and prices in D4 and D6 skyrocketed, while price appreciation in Killiney and Dalkey was more restrained. Now that international buyers are dominating Dublin high-end again, prices in Killiney and Dalkey (for the “sea view” or “best” houses) seem to be getting much stronger (and on a par with D4 and D6). While I can point to several houses in D4 that struggled to get the pricing of mid-2013 in 2016 (i.e. 70 Ailesbury Road, 57 Merrion Road, St Finbars Ailesbury Road thepropertypin.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=65796), some of the “sea view” or “best”, Dalkey and Killiney houses have really surprised lately (Sunnyside, Sorrento House, Hawk Cliff etc.). Shows what an amazing deal Bartra House in Dalkey was (as predicted by SoCoDu).

Foxrock, which used to also be quite desired in the 1990s, has seemed to really go almost nowhere. The lack of the “sea view” puts off the international buyer, and the stillorgan traffic is so mad now, that D4 & D6 is more desirable in all cases.

I was shocked when Sunnyside went for even over 4m, but I will be really shocked if Dunmara makes its asking.

As I posted on the High Cross, Temple Road, Rathgar (or Dartry) thread thepropertypin.com/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=65807, for Dunmara to get its asking of 6m, it would become only the 6th house to sell for over 6m in Dublin since the GFC bottom in 2012.

I contrast, it would have to stand on the following list of houses sold for over 6m in Dublin, since the GFC.

They are:

12-10-12 1 ‘Lissadell’, 9 Shrewsbury Road 6,000,000 (Irish buyer)
14-05-14 1 Deepwell, Rock Hill, Blackrock 7,923,900 (UK buyer)
08-08-14 2 2 Shrewsbury Road, Ballsbridge 6,500,000 (Swiss-based Irish ex. pat).
31-08-15 1 SORRENTO HOUSE, 1 SORRENTO TERRACE 10,000,000 (UK buyer)
04-02-15 2 Strathmore House, Strathmore Road, Killiney 7,500,000 (US buyer)

Non-Irish buyers on above list, went for dramatic properties, on bigger sites, with sea views (Deepwell, Sorrento, Strathmore).
(i.e. the kind that look really impressive on the Sotherbys’ or Christie’s catalogues to anyone).

The Irish (and ex. pat Irish) buyers, on above list, both went for Shrewsbury Road
(Ireland’s premier road, and your Mammy will be proud of you being on the best square on the Dublin Monopoly Board …)
(… but being an Irish Mammy, she will not tell you, just the rest of the parish)

very true and classic !

Gerald Kean now formally attaching his “brand” to the sale of Dunmara ?

That should do it ?

Irish Independent (07/06/2016) - Celeb lawyer Gerald Kean’s former mansion on sale for €6m

Now down to 5m (and counting).
(Denis Desmond still not blinking … not someone you would want to play poker with).
(I would guess DD offered c 3m, which is why they launched at 6m).


Over six years since it went on the market, it’s reached the PPR for €4.15M.

Close to €1K. psqm which is probably about right for a beachfront home in SoCoDu, within a short stroll of the DART. The market under €1M. is overheated but at their are very few buyers at this level.